Coping strategies on curbing stress at home

In a survey carried out on 3,000 people in US, Robert Epstein, PhD, a senior research psychologist from the American Institute for Behavioural Research and Technology in Vista, California found that 25% of happiness depends on how well you handle stress in life. However, he also noticed that with planning or anticipating on what was going to stress you out together with the right tools in place; on a whole it will reduce the tension and effectively manage the stress in your lives.

Here are some coping strategies on how to curb stress from home:    

  • Have a well balance diet

By having well-balanced meals and avoiding junk food, you can improve on your physical well-being and more importantly your emotional health.


  • Exercise

Research has proven and shown that when one gets active, it can lift your spiritsby increasing the number of hormones and neurochemicals in your body to improve your mood.


  • Find fun ways to relax

Whether it is by connecting with your family, friends or people you enjoy being around the most, rediscovering a favourite hobby like crafting, cooking, drawing, or even painting, listening to music that helps to brighten your mood, going on a short road trip/holiday, watching a favourite drama TV series or movie, trying a brand new restaurant or café, yoga and other list of activities, will in the end help you to reenergise and to focus on what really matters one stress at a time.


  • Slim down your schedule 

Don’t take on too many projects or commitments all at once. Learn to prioritize the important things first and say “no” only when it matters.


  • Take action 

For some, financial pressures are one of the major factors in stress. Taking action by addressing the issue can help you feel more in control of the situation, and in turn, help to lessen the stress. A few action steps include creating a financial budget, increasing your savings as well as exploring different creative ways to earn more income.

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