Post-Summit Workshops

November 2017

2-day/3-day Masterclasses?
The masterclasses provide attendees with the know-hows in order to succeed in the vital areas of their business. The masterclasses include hands-on practical approaches, case studies, and role-plays to help attendees master their choice of topic. The training courses below are skillsfuture accredited. Local and PR individuals may use their SkillsFuture credits while SMEs can submit for full training grant when they send staff for training.
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Masterclass A: Steps to starting a new business (3-day) – $485
2-4 Nov 2017
Masterclass B: Maximising ROI with successful exhibition strategies – $410
9-10 Nov 2017

Masterclass C: Developing effective sales proposals for clients to increase opportunities for sales closure – $408
13-14 Nov 2017

Masterclass D: Understanding consumer behaviour to implement more effective sales and marketing strategies – $408
16-17 Nov 2017
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