Events Calendar 2019

Join us at the H.E.R LearnXNetwork on
13th February at 99 Duxton Road, The CO.

Food and refreshments will be provided!

This month, we’re honoured to have local influencers, Sally Yeo (@VerySallyish), Yong Wei Kai (@Sgcafehopping) and Founder of Singapore Guidebook, Tatiana Gromenko join us for a sharing session on understanding the consumer behaviour of millennials and how they converted their followers into sales leads. 

Refreshments will be provided, and members of the public are welcome to join us!

Speakers include:

Sally Yeo

Yong Wei Kai

Tatiana Gromenko
Founder, Singapore Guidebook

The panel is moderated by:

Renee Tan
Founder, Rendeur (H.E.R Entrepreneur)

More information will be released along the way, so do follow our Facebook page to make sure that you don’t miss important updates!

Sally Yeo, @VerySallyish

Yong Wei Kai, @SGCafeHopping

Tatiana Gromenko, Founder, Singapore Guidebook

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