3 OCTOBER 2019

H.E.R® Leadership Masterclass

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Who should attend?

Corporate Executives, Business Owners & Entrepreneurs will be able to apply what they learn at the H.E.R® Leadership Masterclass in their everyday work, as well as key communication skills essential to successful business collaboration.


1-day masterclass program from 9.00 am-5.30 pm.

Joining Us:

Why H.E.R®?

The number of female leaders and entrepreneurs have risen gradually over the years, and the roles and responsibilities of a female leader and entrepreneur have also increased due to the need to care for their families, business and team. They need to be versatile and adaptable to be able to communicate effectively with people from diverse backgrounds and win the trust of their followers. 

They need to know what their leadership style is in order to lead effectively and to know how best to portray themselves. They also need to manage their time well and lead effectively at home and at work. Most newly appointed leaders may be judged and receive criticisms from the colleagues, which might be challenging for them. Such challenges can be daunting to a new leader or entrepreneur which can lead to negative thoughts and actions and even depression when managed poorly. 

In this course, we will teach you how to identify your leadership style to lead with poise, how you can manage people around you with more effective communication, how to portray yourself like a leader, how to be an effective holistic leader at home and at work, how to uplift your personal branding effectively, and how to groom yourself socially and physically through activities, videos, hands-on exercises and presentations. 

We will end off the course for a site visit to better understand how others manage their business, processes and people effectively.

  • Understanding mindfulness and how it can impact your leadership​
  • Applying your Emotional Intelligence to leadership​
  • Authentic leadership: Discovering your leadership style and leading with poise​
  • Entrepreneur or Intrapreneur: Mind-set shift to improve business performance​
  • Developing an effective holistic leadership at home and at work: How a mindset shift can improve business performance and productivity​
  • Authentic leadership: Discovering your leadership style and leading with poise
  • Managing business, people and yourself through persuasive communication
  • Overcoming difficult situations and communicating confidently
  • Uplifting Team Members
  • Next-generation eam members and retaining talent effectively
  • Personal branding: Increasing visibility among industry peers, colleagues and building importance to self

Site Visits

Delegates will have the opportunity to visit sites of offices or factories as part of the masterclass program.

For more information, contact us at sales@herentrepreneur.com or drop us a message at +65 8868 1418.