Our Beneficiary: Daughters Of Tomorrow

Empower a Woman, Enable a Family

More than 25,000 women  from low-income families in Singapore struggle to find and sustain a living. Many times, these women are unable to access employment because of

– long-term social isolation leading to low self-esteem

– a lack of child-minding resources while they attend training and job interviews

– limited awareness amongst employers of challenges faced by underprivileged mums

Who are we?

Daughters Of Tomorrow (DOT) is a registered charity organisation with IPC status in Singapore and our mission is to facilitate livelihood opportunities for underprivileged women, and support them in building financially independent and resilient families.

How we help

We help families forge better futures by supporting underprivileged women with confidence and practical support in their back-to-work journeys. This help comes in the form of

  • Training and befriending these women

  • Child-minding support while these women attend training and interviews

  • Resources such as EZ-link and phone cards