HER Learn X Network | May 2024

AI as a Catalyst for Business Innovation

The monthly virtual HER Learn X Network session, organized by HER Entrepreneur, held on May 29, 2024, under the theme “AI as a Catalyst for Business Innovation,” was a vibrant exchange of ideas and inspiration. It brought together leading figures in the AI sector to discuss how businesses can leverage AI technologies to drive growth and enhance customer engagement.


The event opened with a powerful introduction from our Founder & Moderator, Renee Tan, followed by our esteemed panelists, Nadya Sysoeva, the Research Director of Quilt.AI, and Matti Junila, Senior Customer Success Manager at DataRobot. They shared their personal journeys and the motivations that propelled them to become experts in AI and business innovation. Nadya, an advocate for ethical AI, spoke passionately about the transformative power of AI in various sectors. Matti highlighted the importance of balancing AI automation with human oversight to achieve optimal results.


The discussions then delved into the heart of the matter, exploring key themes critical to leveraging AI for business success:

Leveraging AI-Powered Tools for Customer Engagement:

Nadya Sysoeva kicked off the discussion by discussing the transformative potential of AI-powered tools in customer engagement. She highlighted how conversational AI assistants, such as chatbots and virtual agents, are revolutionizing customer service. These AI-driven solutions are available 24/7, providing real-time, informed responses across various brand touchpoints. Nadya noted their significant impact in sectors like healthcare, mental health, and inclusive education, where they help historically underserved groups gain access to vital services. However, she emphasized the importance of responsible AI training to avoid potential pitfalls, such as insensitive or offensive advice from improperly trained systems.

Predictive AI: Anticipating Customer Needs:

Nadya also discussed the use of predictive AI and machine learning to anticipate customer needs and trends. By analyzing vast amounts of data, AI can forecast consumer behavior, allowing businesses to stay ahead of the curve. For example, she mentioned a beauty manufacturer using AI to predict beauty trends, enabling them to generate innovative product ideas and stay engaged with consumers. This proactive approach helps businesses maintain a competitive edge and foster long-term customer loyalty.

Human-Moderated AI Systems:

Matti Junila emphasized the importance of integrating human oversight with AI technology. He explained how human-moderated AI systems enhance customer support. These systems leverage AI to quickly summarize a customer’s history and sentiment, enabling human agents to provide more personalized and effective assistance. This approach not only improves customer satisfaction but also ensures that AI-generated insights are used responsibly. Matti highlighted the need for businesses to strike a balance between automation and human touch to achieve the best outcomes.


Combining Predictive and Generative AI:

Matti also highlighted the combination of predictive and generative AI in customer retention strategies. Predictive AI identifies customers at risk of churning, while generative AI creates tailored outreach messages. This powerful combination allows businesses to proactively address customer concerns and offer personalized solutions, significantly reducing churn rates. He provided examples of how businesses can use these technologies to maintain strong customer relationships and enhance overall customer experience.

Throughout the discussions, one thing is clear: the importance of responsible AI implementation. Both Nadya and Matti stressed that while AI offers immense potential, it also comes with new responsibilities. Ensuring that AI systems are trained ethically and monitored continuously is essential to prevent misuse and ensure they serve the best interests of consumers and businesses alike.


The virtual HER Learn X Network session was a resounding success, promoting a dynamic dialogue on the critical role of AI in driving business innovation. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all the panelists and attendees who contributed to this insightful and inspiring event.


We look forward to seeing you again at the next LXN webinar, where we will continue to explore innovative solutions for business growth!


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