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Amplify Point

Management Consulting and Corporate Training

Amplify Point is a Management Consulting Firm that specialises in partnering with Human Capital Professionals and Decision Makers in Humanising Disruptive Innovation. We work with clients to build up their organisations’ capabilities through different intervention methods such as LEGO® Experiential Learning, Talent Development, Employee Engagement, Coaching, Mentoring, etc. 

The programs we developed for clients had impacted their employees positively at a global level, shifting mindsets, facilitate Concept Learning, innovates through Divergent Thinking; thus helping clients to bring Idea to Life!

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Contact Us

To connect your Human Talents to Innovation, drop us an email at info@amplifypoint.com.

Archipelago Capital Partners

Private Equity Investments

Archipelago Capital Partners is a Singapore-based private equity fund that invests primarily in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Philippines.

Founded by a team of partners with strong top management and investment experience, we believe in driving value through creative strategy and execution excellence in all our investments. The ultimate passion of the firm is to build outperforming companies in each sector of interest, develop highly motivated and competent management teams in every portfolio company, and deliver outstanding returns to our investors. 

Contact Us

For business opportunities, give us a call or drop us an email.
You can also find us at https://www.arxpelago.com/

Steen Puggaard, Operating Partner
+65 9730 5088 | steen@arxpelago.com

The CO.

Co-Working Space

The Co. is a premium work experience that uniquely weaves life and business together through an inspired sense of adventure and purpose. Everything we do orientates you towards a successful business adventure. Whether it is connecting you to the best of the neighbourhood, making sure you are in good company or providing quality, design focused facilities, we are committed to your world working well so that you can get get on with your walk.

Contact Us

You can find us at 99 Duxton Rd, Singapore 089543 or 75 High Street, Singapore 179435.

Call us at +65 6233 6942 for the Duxton Office, or +65 6595 6288 for the High Street Office.

You can also find us at https://jointhe.co/

Elevated Consultancy & Training

Specialising in Tourism & Hospitality

We provide tourism consulting, corporate training, academic and coaching services to organisations locally and globally. With an in-depth analysis of our clients’ challenges, we deliver customised solutions that effectively meet their needs while promising a high level of competence, expertise & quality training. 

Drawing on broad based knowledge and a vast experience in the tourism industry, our consultants provide fresh perspectives to an organisation’s issues and act as catalysts for change. We create value for organisations through exploring various options, providing strategic solutions as well as recommendations to maximise growth potentials.

We provide corporate training courses to help upgrade both practical and interpersonal skills of employees, ensuring a smooth flow of day-to-day operations to maximise productivity and efficiency.

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We are pleased to provide a 20% discount off our fees for H.E.R. members. 

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Harvest Prime Corporation Pte Ltd

F&B (B2B, B2C)

HARVEST PRIME CORPORATION is a Christian enterprise, founded with a purpose primarily to raise fund for charities, to educate school children and young adults to eat healthily the right food with the best nutrition so that they can live a quality long life. Its objective is also to help reduce obesity, diabetes, heart problems, and all kinds of chronic diseases in the population.

The charities supported are: Red Cross, Red Cross Home for the Disabled, St Luke’s Eldercare, St Andrew’s Mission Hospital, and World Vision.

The Company Logo TREE OF LIFE, a registered trademark in Singapore, Japan, US, UK, Philippines, symbolizes Longevity.
It is made up of Heart shaped leaves— showing we care, we love you to eat healthily to have a long and prosperous life.
The Word “HARVEST “is biblical in meaning— representing ABUNDANCE & PROPSERITY in your life.
The Product Logo “JOYFUL HEART“ also heart-shaped, symbolizes we care and love you.

We give joyfully – up to 50% (or more) of our Sales Revenue is donated to charities to make this a better world

Contact Us

Harvest Prime is located at  470 North Bridge Road #03-13 Bugis Cube, Singapore 188735

You can also find us at www.harvestprimecorp.com

IP Value Lab

Intellectual Properties & Law

In today’s global economy, businesses are realising that innovation drives economic growth and leads to generation of intangible assets.

These intangible assets are everywhere, they include intellectual property such as patents and trademarks and more broadly confidential information, industrial know-how, designs, software code, data and content. These intangible assets are primary drivers of company performance and Singapore’s future growth lies in our ability to create value from intangible assets.

Unlocking this value requires world-class commercially focused expertise. IP ValueLab, the enterprise engagement arm of the Intellectual Property Office of Singapore, aims to help businesses compete globally through providing solutions to capture value from their intangible assets.

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Mine Detector™

Are your intangible assets including intellectual property at risk? Detect potential IP `landmines’ that may endanger your business with the FREE Mine Detector™ test and mitigate your risks ahead of time.
This risk diagnostic tool has been designed by IPOS to deliver a quick IP health check for enterprises in under three minutes.

Intellectual Property Management Business Guides

Produced by IP ValueLab, this series of FREE intellectual property management (IPM) business guides helps businesses unlock the value of their IP.
Based on industry best practices, these essential guides cover IP rights production, protection, R&D, collaboration, audit, strategy and intelligence.

Request for yours at http://bit.ly/ipvlbusinessguides

Contact Us

IP Value Labis located at 51 Bras Basah Road #01-01 Manulife Centre Singapore 189554

Call us at  (65) 6339 8616

You can also find us at https://www.ipvaluelab.com.sg/

Rendeur Pte Ltd

Training, Consultancy & B2B Media

Rendeur Pte Ltd provides business consultancy and training related to sales, marketing, customer service, interview skills and entrepreneurship for businesses, institutions and individuals.

Rendeur has the capabilities in uplifting businesses through B2B and B2C events, conferences and expos in-house and externally to expedite our clients’ business growth through extensive marketing exposure. 

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HER Members will receive a 15% discount for workshops, seminars, and events organized by Rendeur.

Contact Us

Email Us at sales@rendeur.com to get in touch, or give us a call at +65 8868 1418.

You can also find us at on our website and our facebook page.

Senoko Energy

Energy & Electricity Retailer

Senoko Energy is a pioneering Singapore power generation company that has been delivering safe, innovative and efficient energy to homes and businesses since 1977. 

We are the largest energy generator in Singapore, and an industry leader in electricity supply, power generation, and energy solutions. Our in-depth understanding of the commercial energy and electricity industry, and intelligent monitoring of market prices allow us to help you make informed energy buying decisions that are catered for your business needs.

Contact Us

If you would like to request for a bespoke business quote, please drop us an email at sales@senokoenergy.com. To connect for business opportunities or partnerships, please email support@senokoenergy.com.

You can also learn more at our website www.senokoenergy.com.

Singapore Guidebook

Travel Guidebook

Is your business targeting Indonesian travelers? We are experts in making Singaporean B2C brands known for the Indonesian market with various tools that Singapore Guidebook has to offer. 

Singapore Guidebook is a quarterly print and digital guidebook about Singapore for the Indonesian travelers. We provide up-to-date information about Singapore, including recommendations about places to stay and eat, latest news and upcoming events, off-the-beaten-track places, wellness and a specially crafted information for halal travelers. We are also organizing various events for the Indonesian community in Singapore and more. 

Contact Us

Please visit our website www.singaporeguidebook.com and our Instagram account @singaporeguidebook to learn more.

Contact us today at +65 86945287 or info@singaporeguidebook.com and we would be happy to know more about your brand and see how we can be of service!

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