HER Learn X Network | April 2024

The Future is Green: Innovations Driving Sustainable Manufacturing

The monthly virtual HER Learn X Network session, organised by HER Entrepreneur, held on 24 April 2024 under the theme “The Future is Green: Innovations Driving Sustainable Manufacturing,” was a vibrant exchange of ideas and inspiration. It brought together leading female figures in the sustainability sector to discuss how businesses can integrate eco-friendly practices into their core operations.

The event opened with a powerful introduction from our Founder & Moderator, Renee Tan, followed by our esteemed panelists, Zhala Sarmast, the Technical Content Strategist of SepPure Technologies, and Xiao Yin, Head of ESG & Data Privacy of BTPLaw LLC. They shared their personal journeys and the motivations that propelled them to become experts for sustainable manufacturing. Zhala, a former Nobel Peace Prize nominee in 2016, spoke passionately about empowering women and fostering a greener future. Xiao Yin highlighted the importance of legal frameworks in driving responsible business practices.

The discussions then delved into the heart of the matter, exploring key themes critical to achieving a more sustainable manufacturing landscape:

Circular Economy Models in Action:

The conversation centered on integrating circular economy principles into business models. Panelists discussed how companies can move beyond a linear “take-make-dispose” model and embrace a closed-loop system where resources are recovered, reused, and reintegrated into the production process. This not only minimises waste but also fosters long-term cost savings and resource efficiency. Zhala presented a compelling case study of SepPure’s innovative membrane technology. This technology facilitates the separation and reuse of solvents in various industries, including semiconductors and oil & gas, significantly reducing reliance on virgin materials and minimising waste generation.

Sustainable Technologies Driving Change:

A significant portion of the discussion focused on the transformative power of smart and sustainable technologies. Zhala emphasized the impact of membrane separation technology in curbing carbon emissions and minimising waste management challenges. The discussion also explored other emerging technologies with the potential to revolutionise manufacturing processes and minimise environmental impact.

Navigating the Legal Landscape:

Xiao Yin, a legal expert, provided invaluable insights into the legal considerations businesses must navigate as they embrace sustainable practices. She discussed upcoming regulations related to greenwashing and the importance of transparency in environmental reporting. Understanding intellectual property (IP) ownership and navigating the legalities of geographically dispersed manufacturing operations were also key takeaways. Xiao Yin emphasized the importance of mitigating risks associated with climate change and environmental issues, such as potential litigation and asset devaluation. She advised businesses to proactively manage these risks by incorporating them into their financial planning and operational strategies.

Throughout the discussions, a central theme emerged: achieving lasting sustainability requires a holistic approach that integrates environmental responsibility throughout a company’s operations. It’s not just about short-term cost savings or achieving compliance with regulations. The panelists emphasized the long-term benefits of a genuine commitment to sustainability, including brand reputation, investor confidence, and ultimately, a healthier planet for future generations.

The virtual HER Learn X Network session was a resounding success, fostering a dynamic dialogue on the critical role of women in leading the charge towards a greener future for manufacturing. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all the panelists and attendees who contributed to this insightful and inspiring event.

We look forward to seeing you again at the next LXN webinar, where we will continue to explore innovative solutions for a sustainable future!

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