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Singapore | 2nd & 3rd October 2019 | 8am - 6pm

H.E.R Asia Summit is Harnessing the power of women in Entrepreneurship, Leadership, and Relationship.

What is H.E.R Asia Summit?

We are Harnessing the power of women in Entrepreneurship, Leadership, and Relationship.

What this means is that we believe in the education, empowerment, and support of women in Entrepreneurship. The H.E.R Summit was born out of the belief that entrepreneurial women should gather together and support each other.
There is much to learn from each other, especially in challenges that are often unique to women and mothers.

The H.E.R Summit also serves as a massive networking conference, where C-Level Executives and local SME Business Owners can gather and make meaningful connections.

This conference is not restricted to ladies – men are welcome too!

What can you expect?

Keynote Speakers such as Ms Grace Fu (Minister for Culture, Community, and Youth), and May Ooi (ONE Athlete & Former Olympian). (H.E.R Asia Summit 2018)

Panel Discussions with guests like Steen Puggaard (Former CEO, 4Fingers Crispy Chicken), Anna Lim (Founder, The Soup Spoon), Wendy Liu (Co-Founder, EzBuy). (H.E.R Asia Summit 2018)

Round Table Discussions – Intimate mini-workshops to discuss business strategies, and to learn about topics that are essential for entrepreneurs to master. Ie. Personal Branding Strategies with Simone Heng (Radio Presenter, Class 95FM). (H.E.R Asia Summit 2018)

Speed Networking Sessions – Meet hundreds of fellow business owners in a massive speed networking session.

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Sponsorship & Exhibition

There are still sponsorship, exhibition, and speaker slots available for H.E.R Asia Summit 2019.

If you are interested, please feel free to drop us an email at


Data collected from H.E.R Asia Summit 2018, available in the H.E.R Post Event Report.

H.E.R Advisory Board

Rebekah Woo

Partner, Crimson Capital

Steen Puggaard

Operating Partner, Archipelago Capital Partners

Ravi Govindan

Executive Chairman, Mercatus Capital

H.E.R Asia Summit 2017 / 2018 Partners & Sponsors

Charities Supported

World Vision

Part of HER Asia Summit 2017's went into supporting the cause of empowering females as agents of change in India initiated by the World Vision.

As a child-focused organization, World Vision is concerned about the development and the well-being of children. World Vision’s Female Empowerment Project in Faridkot, India, is committed to empowering and educating adolescent girls.

World Vision

Daughters Of Tomorrow (DOT) is a registered charity organisation with IPC status in Singapore and our mission is to facilitate livelihood opportunities for underprivileged women, and support them in building financially independent and resilient families.

Part of the proceeds from HER Asia 2018 contributed to helping families forge better futures by supporting underprivileged women with confidence and practical support in their back-to-work journeys.

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