Step-by-step to Starting a New Business


?This practical step-by-step approach is designed to help aspiring entrepreneurs gain years of critical business experience which is necessary for making informed decisions towards starting their very own small businesses. It is designed to aid aspiring entrepreneurs find better success by giving them a clear perspective of what they should do along every step of the way toward starting their own business. Gain valuable business exposure from the analogies of numerous true cases and products & learn the time proven roadmap to starting successful small businesses from scratch.


Learning Outcomes

  • Understanding what entrepreneurship is & what makes a business great

  • Exploring the pros and cons of online and offline businesses

  • Applying design thinking and idea creation to conceptualise a business

  • Conducting market research to analyse trends & needs through ground sensing

  • Analysing competitors through SWOT analysis

  • Drafting a practical business plan that summarises the business

  • Implementing sales strategies to promote products and services

  • Employing good customer service to retain customers

  • Applying to start a business


3-day course

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