Top 3 Inspiring Individuals in Indonesia

What does it take to make someone or something inspiring to another? Is it in their line of work, their background or in the many positions or job titles that they own? The word ‘inspire’ as defined by the Cambridge Dictionary is a verb which implies to give an idea or a certain feeling to someone. Featured in today’s article are just some of the inspiring individuals from Indonesia whom have somehow or rather inspired someone or even a generation in their own line or work or industry.




3) Nicholas Saputra

Actor & UNICEF Ambassador

A multi-talented actor, also known as Nico, Nicholas is inspiring the younger generation in his role as a UNICEF Indonesia National Ambassador. He is currently campaigning for cleaner water and sanitation. Nicholas’s work to raise awareness on these issues has also influenced his works as a producer at Tanakhir Films. He has championed noteworthy movies like Semesta and Save Our Forest Giants that highlight on ecological issues.



2) Happy Salma

Founder, Titimangsa Foundation, and Chief Creative Officer, Tulola

Happy Salma is Indonesia’s well-known film actress and director. She entered the entertainment industry as a model but eventually switched to acting in Indonesia TV soap operas and movies. She is currently the founder of Titimangsa Foundation, a production company that creates and promotes Indonesia theatrical and literary works, Co-founder and Creative Conceptor of Tulola, a jewellery brand that promotes local handicrafts, culture and history.



1) Andy F Noya

Host of ‘Kick Andy’ Talk Show

Andy F Noya is well known in Indonesia for his TV talk show programme, ‘Kick Andy’, on which he has delivered hard news and humanitarian stories for 14 years and has often been called the Indonesian equivalent version of The Oprah Winfrey Show. Andy has also hosted the annual Kick Andy Heroes campaign to which he acknowledges grassroots movements in Indonesia. During the Covid-19 pandemic outbreak, he has raised about Rp 5.2 billion through his founded platform, an online social concern welfare site for various social, humanitarian, cultural, religious and other social welfare issues, that experience difficulty in obtaining funding support to meet basic needs, self-development or other economic or operational potential that may not be accommodated by the government within a short period of time.

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