Top 3 Inspiring individuals in Malaysia

What does it take to make someone or something inspiring to another? Is it in their line of work, their background or in the many positions or job titles that they
own? The word ‘inspire’ as defined by the Cambridge Dictionary is a verb which implies to give an idea or a certain feeling to someone. Featured in today’s
article are just some of the inspiring individuals from Indonesia whom have somehow or rather inspired someone or even a generation in their own line or
work or industry.


3) Hong Yi (Red)


Hong Yi, who is also known as Red is a Malaysian artist that has captured global attention by transforming ordinary everyday objects into extraordinary art works. Among the many of her viral art pieces included a portrait of Jackie Chan using only 60,000 chopsticks, a basketball as a paintbrush to depict Yao Ming, the Teh Tarik Man painting that was made from 20000 tea bags and a portrait of Ai Weiwei from sunflower seeds. One of her most symbolic, ongoing works is a series of Chinese vases, made of tiny pieces of cracked eggshells re-assembled into stunning design each. This new piece examines the role of Asian women in the 21st century; playing on the Chinese term “flower pot”, which is defined as sarcastic way of referring to an attractive woman without any substance. 

2) Azran Osman-Rani

Founder & Chief Executive Officer of Naluri

Azran Osman-Rani is an Ex-CEO of Air Asia X, Iflix Malaysia and a frequent speaker on driving competitiveness and innovation in modern corporate culture. He has drawn numerous fans in C-suites across Asia with his book 30 Days and 30 Years, which attempts to put a clear defined meaning around the vague subjects of both creativity and innovation. His startup app company Naluri, is an all in one digital therapeutic solution platform that provides both professional health and life coaching services and more importantly connects users to health professionals such as psychologists, dieticians, and fitness coaches. 

1) Khailee Ng

Venture capitalist and Serial Entrepreneur

Khailee Ng is the managing partner of Silicon Valley’s venture fund ‘500 Startups’ and its Southeast Asia branch ‘500 Durians’. He has been a vocal defender for pursuing a healthier and less luxurious lifestyle. Khailee went vegan and gave up 80 per cent of his wardrobe and most of his furniture, in favour of a more minimalistic life. 500 Startups has invested over 2220 startups in over 70 countries, while in South East Asia alone, they have invested in over 180 companies which includes both Grab and Carousel.  

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