H.E.R LearnXNetwork – Health and Wellness Biz Insights

We hosted the 7th H.E.R LearnXNetwork of the year last night at The Co. Duxton! As some of our regular readers already know, H.E.R hosts a LearnXNetwork session every month, and with varying topics and speakers/panellists. This month, we discussed the “Health Read More

Health & Wellness: Women in Business

When it comes to health and wellness, women lead the way. From wellness entrepreneurs to practitioners, there is no other industry of its size that is dominated by women. Women are bringing about a more holistic approach to the concept of wellness, Read More

Women in Holistic Wellness (H.O.W)- Dipika Trehan

Modern-day “wellness” refers to holistic healthy living characterized by physical, mental, social, and spiritual well-being — and the buzzy trend is gaining traction across multiple industries. CPG corporates like PepsiCo, Coca-Cola, Kellogg’s, and Campbell, for example, have invested in and acquired a Read More

Corporate Health: A Holistic Approach

Corporate health is a 360-degree approach to a healthy organization. Not only does it involve the bottom line, it also produces a healthy culture by fast-tracking how change is managed, employee/department engagement and performance, turnover rate from all angles, a fostered learning Read More

7 Reasons Entrepreneurs Are Particularly Vulnerable to Mental Health Challenges

When we think about what constitutes a healthy individual, we tend to focus almost exclusively on physical health – someone who eats healthy foods, exercises regularly, and avoids bad habits like smoking. Unfortunately, this perception ignores the fact that even the most Read More