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We hosted the 7th H.E.R LearnXNetwork of the year last night at The Co. Duxton!


As some of our regular readers already know, H.E.R hosts a LearnXNetwork session every month, and with varying topics and speakers/panellists.


This month, we discussed the “Health and Wellness Biz”. H.E.R invited Wyatt Tan (Co-Founder and Head Chef of DUXTON 41) and Dr. Deidre Murugasu (Chief Scientific Advisor of Integrated Health Centre) to share their insights on the growing Health and Wellness in Singapore, and their experiences with regards to the best practices when a running a Health and Wellness Business. 

Wyatt Tan

Wyatt is the Co-Founder and Head Chef at Duxton 41, a cafe that serves desserts that are sugar-free, rich in protein and diabetic-friendly. As a fitness enthusiast who enjoys baking, Wyatt shared his experience of how he started experimenting with healthier ingredients to encourage indulgence in clean, nutritious manner. 


Deidre Murugasu

Dr. Deidre (Dr. Dee) is the Chief Scientific Advisor of Integrated Health Centre, a total health and wellness solutions provider committed to the delivery of truly holistic healthcare solutions. With years of experience as a physician, Dr. Dee shared with us her insights on healthy eating and lifestyle habits.






We got to hear some very interesting questions from the participants. Our panelists explained to us healthier alternatives to prepare our daily meals and the importance of eating foods that are not processed. 


Our speakers also shared about how health and wellness is becoming a huge trend among both the young and old, and what aspiring entrepreneurs in the industry should look out for. They also shared with us some tips on how to have a balanced meal, and expounded on the deleterious effects of sugar and how to avoid it. 


The Q&A Session was lively and the discussions that followed were found to be very informative.

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The event ended around 8pm, and we broke into our networking & refreshments.

We were glad to see the attendees having engaging conversations with our speakers and connecting with each other. We hope to deliver more of these meaningful events, bringing experience that extends beyond the closing session.



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