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Working from home is the new normal for everyone in the year 2020. No one had expected just how bad the pandemic was, until it forced businesses to shut and offices to go remote. In general, working from home can be found to be twice as stressful as compared to being in a physical workplace. Juggling between the needs of your family, your colleagues and bosses, there is no clear distinction between life and work.     

We recently held our very first inspiring and refreshing Virtual HER® Health & Wellness: Live Life, Work Happy with our Founder & Managing Director, Renee Tan, our panelist speakers, Sujata Tiwari, Life Mentor, Subba, Mind Athlete & Corporate Leader and together with participants online on ways to cope with work-from-home stress effectively, understanding as well as looking at a new, positive approach to mental health and meditating for happiness.

Key Takeaways or areas from the discussion are as follows:

In the present world today

  • 1 in 3 have a chronic conditions.

  • 1 in 10 have mental challenges.

Subba believes that doing more of the same everyday is only going to bring us to the path of destruction. Human beings in general often think that fixing different frameworks could be the way to address certain issues. Subba continues on and states that, if the human at the very center of the framework is feeling insecure, threatened, unstable no system would work. It would work for a while but eventually it will get ‘abused’.

We need to find our stable self or courage to be able to be the best versions of ourselves in whatever we do on earth.   

Make a positive impact on someone other than yourself, whether it is just one or two people because they in turn will impact others and it will go on and on in a sustainable manner.

As a leader of a company or a business, you need to be able to manage and control your emotions effectively.

Subba’s states If you were to bring your anger or frustrations to a meeting, you are weak as a corporate leader. Great leaders such as Singapore’s Lee Kuan Yew often find time to meditate to make positive contributions to important decision making. Therefore, spare some time each day to meditate.

Subba then shares with us, “Simple act. Look people in the eye. Acknowledge them and their work and say thank you to them.”

Sujata on the other hand shares that the one thing both artists and athletes have in common are the ability to stay focused & discipline. By staying focus, it takes you away from the negativity that you face in life.

3 different types of meditation
– Concentrative
– Mindfulness
– Contemplative

Meditation does not have any religious meaning to it nor does it require one to sit cross-legged and close your eyes in a certain position. It is acquired form of discipline where you can start with just 10 minutes.

Sujata then continues on by saying “Be grateful’. People often moan that working from home is stressful, but she explains it is now living at work, rather than working from home and it eventually goes to another level, which is working from anywhere.

Sujata stresses that when one is working from home, one should not change their lifestyle just because things are different. Instead, one should be able to maintain as it is and continue one as per normal.

Have a schedule and stick to it

Working from home does not necessarily mean working for 24-7 hours

Make it clear to your bosses that after a certain time, you will not be available. You should not be taking home less and working more.

Be focused on your health

Eat healthy 

Set boundaries for family members or love ones when you are working from home. 

Subba explains that the science behind physical exercise demonstrates that we grow brain cells when we exercise daily. Our feelings and mental capabilities are enhanced through physical exercise.


Things that affect our mind
– Food

– Exercise

Things that impact our mind
– Nature

– Sound

– Color

One’s efficiency will continue to improve with a 10 minute meditation, as it will give you back 40 mins of your time in productivity.

You need to have the one WHY to be able to do things and the one inspiration to be able to make that change.

When it comes to food, Subba states that you have to be careful of the food that you take.

There are 3 imbalances in the body that you will need to listen to:

If you feel bloated after a certain meal or drink, stop consuming it.


Acid reflux or burn that you have in your body. 

Always ask yourself why are you consuming the food
– Is it for pleasure?

– Is it for energy? or

– Is it for nutrition?

Eat fresh, nutritious food. NO package or canned food.

Subba also adds that when working from home, you will need to have a sense of predictability every single day to be able gain a sense of control in your work and life.

We ended a session with a quick Q&A from our attendees, which was followed by a simple wellness demo on meditation by Subba.  

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