HER® Entrepreneur’s Most Engaging Social Media Personalities 2020

We have been confronted with a pandemic that has impacted our livelihood tremendously in 2020. 


Businesses are also not spared. The only solution is to be dynamic and strive. Successful entrepreneurs and leaders defy all odds and stay resilient.


HER® Entrepreneur has identified a list of inspirational female entrepreneurs, leaders, and visionaries  who have also received the highest engagement from our community through our social media posts in 2020. The names are as follows:

1. Kamala Harris, US Vice President-Elect, USA

“You are powerful and your voice matters.

You’re going to walk into many rooms in your life and career where you may be the only one who looks like you or who has had experiences you’ve had. But you remember that when you are in those rooms, you are not alone.

We are all in that room with you applauding you on. Cheering your voice. And just so proud of you. So you use that voice and be strong.”

2. Ankiti Bose, CEO & Co-Founder, Zilingo, Singapore

“If you want to run a business, you need to get comfortable with failure and keep moving forward. There’s no way around it!” 

3. Serena Williams, Professional Tennis Player, Philanthropist, Founder, Serena Ventures, USA

“I really think a champion is defined not by their wins, but how they can recover when they fall.”

4.  Neelofar, Founder, Actress, TV presenter, Neelofar Hijab, Malaysia

“The woman who does not require validation from anyone is the most feared individual on the planet”

5.  Malisse Tan, Founder & Chief Estrogen Officer, Bobble, Singapore

“As this being my third startup, I learned a lot from my previous 2 failed start-ups, where I’d like to think I’ve failed forward! If you have clear value and how you want to be a catalyst for change through your business, you will stand out.”

6. Sara Blakely, Founder & CEO, Spanx, US

“Don’t be intimidated by what you don’t know. That can be your greatest strength and ensure that you do things differently from everyone else.”

7. Gracelyn Lin, CEO, Sing See Soon Floral & Landscape, HER® Entrepreneur Chapter Leader, Singapore

“Be brave. Scare yourself once in a while, and go for that opportunity you feel both excited and terrified about. Finally wine, plenty of wine.”

8. Shannon Kalayatimr, Partner, Gobi Partners, Thailand

“Women have our own strengths. I believe mine is a knack for communication and empathy. My superpower is understanding what people want, where they come from and how to relate.”

9. Christina Lu, Co-Founder, American Innovates, US

“Be not afraid of growing slowly, be afraid only of standing still.”

10. Rissa Mananquil Trillo, Co-Founder & Chief Brand Officer, Happy Skin, Philippines

“Starting your own business will never be easy and passion is like the raft that keeps you from sinking and giving up when you don’t have much else left to go on.”

11. Mica Tan, CEO, MFT Group of Companies Inc., Philippines

“The best advice that I could give to young women like myself is that some battles are not worth your time, so choose what you fight for wisely.”

12. Somruedee Charmongkal, CEO, Banpu, Thailand

“Women have a lot to offer. Men may have the brawn but women are extremely strong in terms of methodical approach and willpower – a very useful combination in business.”

13. Lennise Ng, CEO & Co-Founder, Dropee, Malaysia

“Whatever you do, give it 110 per cent. You never know who’s observing you or what impact you might make on someone.”

14. Lyn Lee, Founder, Awfully Chocolate, Singapore

“When you want to try something and you talk about it and it gives you goosebumps, gives you tingles and it gets your blood pumping, you should give it a shot.”

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