Angel Investors Investing in Female Founders

Although there is a proliferation of female entrepreneurs, the venture capital world remains to be dominated by men. Only a small percentage of venture capital investors are women, and who are all diligently working to diversify the startup world and bring great ideas to the forefront. As such, a large proportion of women are lacking sufficient venture capital funding compared to their male counterparts.  

In today’s article, we discuss the impact of angel investors who have taken the initiative to provide venture capital funding to women entrepreneurs.

The failure to assist female-led companies means companies are imposing a limitation on themselves.  Angels of Impact and SoGal Ventures are some of the few companies that realize this fact and are working towards equal opportunities for women entrepreneurs. 

Angels of Impact

Angels of Impact is one such enterprise that aims to empower women to maximize the social impact of their capital by serving as a fund and network that social enterprises led by women in their transition from medium-sized ventures to sustainable businesses. As a social enterprise, it aims to tackle poverty by uniting women as agents of change. 


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SoGal Ventures

Founded by Pocket Sun, SoGal Ventures, the first millennial female-led capital firm that has invested $4 million and has a portfolio of 19 diverse, female-led companies in 2 years. SoGal invests in early stage diverse founding teams in the US and Asia and is also powered by the SoGal Ecosystem across over 40 cities in the world. 

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The apparent lack of funding for female entrepreneurs is certainly disconcerting. Fortunately for the initiative of several angel investors, female entrepreneurs have the necessary funding that they require during the nascent stages of their business. Female founders are also taking the initiative to seek out female investors, while those experienced in the venture capital scene are creating new networks and encouraging women to learn more about angel investing. 

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