The Entrepreneur Series – Ng Li Lian, Co-Founder & Managing Director, Tetsuyu Healthcare

Who is she? 

Ng Li Lian is a “dreamer” who is thrilled to impact the healthcare and aged care ecosystem through innovations. She is the Co-Founder & Managing Director at Tetsuyu Healthcare, and with the help of her incredible team, she manages the operations and drives business development and growth strategies.


What made you decide to start Tetsuyu Healthcare?

“At a personal level, I was searching for meaning and purpose beyond a comfortable career. Ageing societies also had so much need and Tetsuyu fills some of the gaps especially in the area of enabling access to quality care through technology.”


What is a typical morning at work?

“After my daily walk, we start the day with a team 10 min huddle to discuss any pressing customer or internal issues. Then client meetings, events and planning sessions will occupy us till lunch. If not it will be working on deliverables for clients or networking coffee.”


What are some of the challenges of the job?

“In the rush of business, often we don’t have time to reflect and think. It can sometimes be lonely as a leader as there can be issues or burdens only we can bear. Other times, we lose track of our vision and have to pull back. When challenges pile up, we can also be struck with anxiety. But I have learnt that there’s a solution to every problem. We need to ground ourselves and remain positive and open to possibilities.”


What were some of the life lessons which you have learned along the way in your career? 

“Our vision and mission is our compass. They guide and anchor us as pursue our true north and overcome challenges.”


Best advice someone has given you in life?

“There’s a solution to every problem.”


As the Co-Founder & Managing Director of Tetsuyu Healthcare, what motivates you personally?

“The impact we make to our clients and society as a team. The achievements we have made and those that are to come. The meaning and purpose of what we stand for in the marketplace. The sustainability of our feat. The meeting of the minds and hearts of one team, one purpose.”


Do you ever face biasness in your work and position because of your gender? 

“No, I have been very privileged to receive so much support since the start of my career from both men and women who believed in me especially my parents.”


If I were not an Entrepreneur, I would be a _________? 

“A home chef.”


Any inspirational quote for all the women in business & leadership out there?

“We only live once. Make it worthwhile.”


Check out Tetsuyu Healthcare here.

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