The Entrepreneur Series – Dr Ailiya Borjigin, Chairman of Association of International STEAM Education (AISE) & Co-Founder of HOPE STEAM Education

Who is she? 

Dr Ailiya Borjigin is one of the Co-Founders of HOPE STEAM EDUCATION. The company is a research-led company founded by a group of PhD researchers and educators from Singapore, United States, and Canada. They focus on delivering high-quality Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Robotics education through hands-on STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics) projects delivered for ages 5 – 16. As a company, they are constantly thinking up ideas for the coolest things that kids can build and learn about.


What made you decide to start HOPE STEAM EDUCATION?

In short, I wanted to find an effective and efficient way to change the current education status.”


What is a typical morning at work?

For school days my daughter will drag me up to braid her hair very early in the morning. Then I catch up on sleep for another hour.

Beginning of the day, I usually do one of the three things:

  1. Internal meeting with teams to sync up
  2. An online teacher training course for school teachers or educators in different institutes
  3. An online meeting with my course designers to come up with ideas about new STEAM projects or plan detailed lesson structures, ways of teaching, and teaching aids.”


What are some of the challenges of the job?

“My business is highly dependent on the China market. At the moment, we are unable to fly as frequently as before for any form of business trips.”


What were some of the life lessons which you have learned along the way in your career? 

Quite many actually. One of the important lessons that I have learnt is how to calculate for company cost.”


Best advice someone has given you in life?

Do yourself well and naturally let people want to be with you.”


As the Co-Founder of HOPE STEAM EDUCATION, what motivates you personally?

Life is meaningless, so we have to build it by ourselves. Before we pass on our legacy, I look back on my entire journey and reflect on what makes me fearless? Then with firm confidence, I say to myself  “I have created. I have contributed.


Do you ever face biasness in your work and position because of your gender? 

“Seldom. But if we face it, please remember that no matter who we meet, what we do, the reason people get together is to achieve something. So just focus on the ultimate goal, what do we want to achieve at the end of the day and do it beautifully. Nobody will reject a person who gets things done, as long as he/she is not a fool.”


If I were not an Entrepreneur, I would be a _________? 

Product manager.


Any inspirational quote for all the women in business & leadership out there?

Life is long, do not panic. Life is short, do what you want.


Connect with Dr Ailiya on her LinkedIn page.

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