The Entrepreneur Series – Gracelyn Lin (Sing See Soon Floral & Landscape)


Who is she?

Gracelyn Lin is the fifth generation CEO of her family business, Sing See Soon Floral & Landscape. Since 1879, the company has developed a clientele that includes celebrities and aristocrats and is today, the first call for socialites, royal families, event organisers, top-tier wedding planners and entertainment producers. They currently operate 2 outlets in Singapore – one in Punggol and another in Simei. 

What made you join your multi-generational family business?

“Sing See Soon has been around for 5 generations, and just growing up, we’ve always been in the business. The fourth generation sacrificed a lot of their time and education to build the business for us. I’ve always felt an obligation to come back to assist them – to be able to bring the business forward, diversify, and be able to evolve with the times, because they have worked so hard to bring the business to where it is today.”

What are your challenges being the next generation business owner? 

“There will always be resistance to change. I think this is prevalent in all businesses. With generation four, who has spent most of their time devoted to just in the business itself, I think they have kind of, shut themselves out from what’s happening and how businesses are evolving, so things like going online and accepting credit card payments at first very initial – maybe 10, 15 years ago. It’s all very new to them because we’re a very mum-and-pups business, with over the counter sales and we were a traditional business model. Even when we did big events, we were always behind the scenes. We never thought about marketing ourselves or branding, so these are some of the growth journey that we’ve taken in the business.”

What would be your advice to aspiring entrepreneurs who have to survive and differentiate themselves in today’s very competitive climate? 

“I do think that submerging yourself in the right group of people and be around like-minded individuals is very important. It’s about being able to have open communication to share our struggles and network efficiently with the people who can elevate us to the next level – a very collaborative mindset. I am very privileged and blessed to be a part of your circle of friends. So that would be my advice, join networking groups, be part of H.E.R Entrepreneur network and join their events.”

Any quote that you would like to share?

“Be brave. Scare yourself once in a while, and go for that opportunity you feel both excited and terrified about. Finally… wine. Plenty. Of. Wine.”


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