Our Recent Poll Shows Majority of Businesses Want to Upskill during Covid-19 Pandemic

In this trying period where businesses and entrepreneurs are struggling to cope with the Covid-19 pandemic, we conducted a poll as of 17 March with a community of 100 entrepreneurs to find out more about what activities these individuals and companies would like to do amidst the current work-from-home period.

Unsurprisingly, the top 5 activities that entrepreneurs would like to be engaged with can be seen in the pie chart above, where a majority of 39.5% chose Online Learning as their most desired activity, followed by Software Development with 18.6% and then Remote Sales Activities with 17.4%.

Especially during this period, online learning can make a huge difference to your business and may help you gain that edge over your competitors. Here are 3 ways in which online learning may benefit your business greatly:

1. Upskilling

With the greater flexibility during the work-from-home period, employers can dedicate a certain amount of time for employees to engage in online learning to learn new skills that will positively impact the business. Depending on the department, employees can further develop their current skillset through the multitude of courses online, where such skills may include sales and marketing, and financial management skills, or other fundamental skills such as communication, leadership, and team building.

2. Butterfly effect through knowledge sharing

With their further developed skillset, employees may then engage in peer learning through the application of their newly acquired knowledge and the exchange of ideas and practices. This would then lead to a butterfly effect within the company, where a culture of learning and continual growth may be developed, leading to larger improvements in the business.

3. Employee Engagement

Online learning, in contrast to offline learning, gives employees a safe space to make mistakes and learn, as they may do so in the privacy of their own home. Additionally, online learning enables employees to constantly engage in refresher sessions due to the timeless access to such materials. This alleviates the pressures felt during offline trainings, thereby allowing employees to feel more engaged, willing to learn and contribute back to the business.

In view of such positive outcomes of online learning, a pinnacle online learning programme one can participate in is HashTaqs Entrepreneurship Development Programme (HED), a programme aimed at providing a platform for entrepreneurs to learn from industry leaders and to execute their business ideas effectively, through the provision of a structured program, support and networking opportunities to widen their knowledge and network circle for opportunities to increase their brand awareness and to forge potential partnerships.

The programme covers the following topics:

#1: Entrepreneurship Finance for Small Businesses

#2: Product Development

#3: Branding and Marketing

#4: Sales and Pricing Strategy

#5: Business Modelling

#6: Technology Application

The programme also provides you with opportunities to partake in both virtual and LIVE pitching, where there is a large focus on blended learning with online training. Participants in the programme will also be given the chance to attend a LIVE summit, where the top 5 pitching teams are invited to do LIVE pitching and exhibition showcase at HER Asia Summit 2020 in front of more than 200 over entrepreneurs, leaders, govt, investors, etc.

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