How Companies can Find, Recruit and Retain the Best Millennial Talent

How Companies can Find, Recruit and Retain the Best Millennial Talent

Millennials are taking over the world by storm. They are changing the way products are being marketed and the type of products that are being made. Earlier, people strove to acquire a 9 to 5 job or something that could help pay their bills. Now the times have changed. Millennials want more, they want to be at the top of everything they do.

In today’s article, we look at a few tips on that companies can use to find, recruit and retai the best millennial talent.

1. Professional development opportunities

Professional development opportunities has become the number one workplace perk for Millennials across all industries. Companies should look towards investing more in training and decrease their risk of losing that investment simultaneously. In addition, off-site workshops or conferences will also benefit them in growing professionally within their role. At the end of the day, providing Millennials with such opportunities highly favourable for companies. Providing training helps close the skills gap, increases Millennial retention rates, lowers turnovers costs, and helps attract top talent that companies can groom for success in the industry. (Source: Entrepreneur)   

2. Engage employees with technology and social media projects

Millennials are highly experienced with technology, social media, and the internet, learning new technologies rapidly. Combined with their knowledge of the latest software, they offer high-value for current and future development of the company. For instance, the upcoming new technologies like AI (Artificial Intelligence), has become an essential part of the technology industry. Companies can capitalize on their abilities for marketing and operational purposes by appealing to wide-ranging demographics and offering product compatibility. Often, they can provide more efficiency than older employees because they’ve grown up with the technology.

3. Provide a diverse, positive and inclusive work culture

Millennials are part of the most diverse generation in history. As a result, they can be socially conscious communicators. They know how to communicate with teammates, vendors, regulators, and customers in many diverse and economical non-face-to-face ways. Businesses can capitalize on social networks and web tools. Leaders can help provide inclusive and supportive work culture so that Millennials feel a sense of purpose and teamwork. Mentors, continuous feedback, and team building can all help provide this atmosphere for new employees. Companies which create opportunities to add challenges to their existing roles and emphasize a long-term philosophy that with added responsibilities come additional perks and/or compensation are the ones that can retain millennial talent. (Source: Forbes)

4. High innovation

Diverse individuals tend to hold more open-minded, creative perspectives. Business leaders can ask these diverse new college hires to offer creative direction to a project or brainstorm innovative ideas with data.

5. Opportunities for a tryout

Hiring experienced professionals can be a hit-or-miss approach because you don’t get a chance to actually see them work. Offering millennials internship opportunities allows businesses to preview their work by hiring them as interns. Companies can start by offering simple work projects and slowly increase the responsibilities for interns to see how they learn and cope.

It’s going to be the era of the millennials for decades to come. If you want to hire millennials, you have to see recruiting as a proactive process. If you want your new talent to stay with you, you have to give them unique reasons to. Only the organizations that understand how talent wants to be treated will avoid the turnover trap. As soon as businesses take hold of new, engaging talent, they can have a competitive advantage in their markets. After all, Millennials will make up 75 percent of the workforce by 2025.

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