H.E.R LearnXNetwork – Influencing Millennials

We hosted the 2nd H.E.R LearnXNetwork of the year last night at The Co. Duxton!

As some of our regular readers already know, H.E.R hosts a LearnXNetwork session every month, and with varying topics and speakers/panellists.

This month, we discussed “Understanding the Consumer Behaviour of Millennials & Converting Followers into Sales”. H.E.R invited Sally Yeo, Lifestyle Influencer, Yong Wei Kai, Food Blogger, and Tatiana Gromenko, Founder of the Singapore Guidebook, to share their insights.


Sally Yeo

Sally is a lifestyle and travel influencer, creating content for her microblog @VerySallyish, with over 120,000 followers across Facebook, Instagram and Youtube. Her first Youtube video has garnered over 1,000,000 views to date and she has worked with international brands such as Hilton Hotels, Jetstar Asia and Shopee.

Sally currently serves as the Digital Marketing Manager at Arcc Spaces, overseeing the brands Arcc Offices, Co. and The City.

Yong Wei Kai

Wei Kai is the face behind the Food Blog, @SGCafeHopping. All he wanted was an avenue to pen down his cafe hopping adventures, little would he know that he has stumbled into food blogging. Since 2014, Sgcafehopping has evolved into a platform covering restaurants and hidden gems. Starting his first stint in the F&B industry at 18, he’d earned his stripes and became an F&B consultant soon after.

These experiences set Yong Wei Kai apart, enabling brands swarming to work with him. These include Tien Court, Yoogane and Sweet Monster amongst many others. SGCafeHopping was nominated for Best Website of the Year 2018.

Tatiana Gromenko

Tatiania is the founder of Singapore Guidebook. Living in Russia, Tatiana got a rare opportunity to study the Indonesian language, and her life changed ever since. Today, she can speak Bahasa Indonesia and is running a magazine about Singapore in the Indonesian language which is targeting millennials and aims to let Indonesians truly discover Singapore on any budget through Singapore Guidebook.

As marketers, we already understand that B2B marketing and B2C marketing is a wildly different beast.

Often we have to resort to trial and error to understand how certain demographics behave online, and how to catch their attention. Our panelists explained to us the certain marketing strategies they used to help find their audience and boost their following.

Our speakers shared about their beginnings as they grew their followings on social media, and their experiences on the different platforms and what they’ve learnt along the way. Some insights shared included influencer tips and tricks, some industry secrets, as well as how personal brand marketing differed from business marketing.

The panel ended around 8pm, and we broke into networking & refreshments.

We’re glad to see that even well into 10pm, we still had attendees networking and connecting with each other.

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