From Being a Teacher to an Owner of 3 Salons in Just 3 Years!

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Q1. Tell me about yourself.
Am a mother FIRST to Nyla, 12 and Oumar, 2. Motherhood has given me the push I needed to do the things I have always dreamt of doing:
– Taught in a primary school
– Self-published 2 books with Nyla
– Sold Togas sewn by Mom online
– Transforming my clients’ realty dreams into a reality, Senior Associate Director with Propnex Realty
– Owns Pearlista Ladies Hair salon which now has 3 outlets at Eunos, Clementi and Orchard Road
Q2. What made you started your very own brand, Pearlista?
Lack of hair salons for Muslim ladies wearing the hijab (headscarves)
Q3. Who are your mentors in your business venture? Did you look out for them before you started your business or they have been around nurturing you to be an entrepreneur?
Because I did not possess any experience in hair, I consulted experienced hairstylists who have been in this industry for more than 15 years. They have been very kind and selfless in their sharing. Presently, I’m very grateful to Kak Anni Jalal (household name in the Malay beauty market)who has a wealth of experience and she’s running my outlet in Orchard right now.
Q4. Are there any challenges that you face in running a retail business for the targeted group?
I guess when we first started? Competitors were beginning to appear.
But overtime, as I mature as an entrepreneur, I am thankful for their existence because it is a motivation for Pearlista to keep improving and because of that we expanded into creating our own brand of scalp and hair care products. Always about making the first move in the muslimah hair care industry. So now I am very receptive to other ladies only hair salons and embrace them. The more the merrier!
Q5. How do you excel at home and in business?
My children are and will always be my priority. It takes a village to raise a child and I’m extremely grateful for the wonderful support network among my family members. Real estate wise, I work in a team because I believe team work makes the dream work. In my case my realising my dream of  being both an active entrepreneur and a hands on mom.
Pearlista front, my trusted pearl girls work closely with me and I make sure I go to each salon every week.
Q6. How do you manage to get an active group of followers?
Just be myself I guess?
Q7. What do you look out for when hiring talent?
Talent is a waste if it comes with an attitude and laziness. Overtime, we just want to hire sincere individuals, in Pearlista’s case, passionate hairstylists who strives always to improve their craft and service skills.
Q8. How has the company grown and what was the key essence in driving its growth?
Pearlista was established in 2014. Presently we have 3 outlets. The key essence is always trying to fulfil our clients demands, if we can, we will. Staff welfare is also very important.
Q9. What is your advice to aspiring women entrepreneurs out there?
What is the ultimate reason you want to be an entrepreneur? Always ask yourself this question.
 If it’s to make money, then be prepared to be disappointed because beginnings are always hard and that’s a make or break moment.
But if it’s reason is to fill a gap and you’re so passionate to serve, then you’re on your way… Just keep going. Never ever stop. And don’t ever worry and get scared about obstacles or any difficulty.
With the right mindset, verily with every difficulty there will be relief.
I promise you an enriching experience!

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