Finding the Innovations of Your Own Product or Program

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The most popular and known innovations of today are led by digital markets such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and etc.
How do they work? What are they for? Why are they successful? What got people into them?
Well, let’s take a look at the basic mechanics and craftsmanship behind their innovations.

  • Google
A very widely known search engine with an endless broad reach of databases on keywords and information. It was just that before it evolved to do more, such as Google+, Google Drive, Gmail and more associated with their brand. What got them to do it? Because of compact and business integrations. As they are popular worldwide and used effectively every day, the compact innovation and craftsmanship delivered effective attraction for their consumers. A simple and working innovation of their brand that was formerly just a search engine.
  • Facebook
Originally, it was a website to post pictures and blog entries of an individual’s daily life. Through word of mouth, it started a social wave where people could share their life’s adventures or some other topics. Through this trend, it brought Facebook growth and learned of their consumer’s engagements. In this way, Facebook evolved its platforms with evolving integrations such as groups, a search engine, sharing of posts, integrating website sources in a post and more. Likewise, with Google, they took the mainframe of their IP and brand into a compact and mobile upgrade that reached out to businesses.
  • Twitter
A simple and basic instant messaging website. Later as it got attention and uses from consumers, it rapidly evolved its integrations for more attraction and usability. At its start, it was uncertain of its own service use and started early with just instant messages. When it gained friction with consumers and the databases of messages on the website, it created ideas and logical integrations for consumer’s use. Posting pictures, following a user, trending posts, and even businesses using the platform. But most importantly, it was easy, compact and immediate to use and share.
I can go on with more, but let’s get to the point. The three popular worldwide digital services started off as basic services on the internet. Then later, it involved from the databases their consumers used on their brands. Compact, mobile and effectively integrated future blueprints and developments.

  • Understand your product or program
Before starting off, it is always a gamble of your own product or programs being able to reach out to consumers. That does not mean you should be afraid or hesitant to offer your products to consumers for criticism and feedback. Sometimes, you won’t find out the passion or clarity of your own products without getting it trailed. When you get their criticism and feedback, return to the drawing board and slowly as you make your edges smoother from its rough state, you might just find an “Aha!” moment to make your product or program better and evolved.
  • Determine the marketing of your product or program
With each time you sent out your product or program for trial or test, look at your consumers and think of them. They might be digital jocks, trending consumers, domestic consumers and so on. By learning your customers who use or are interested in your product or program, you can then learn more about the product or program for who or where it will be targeted towards. It does no good for a product or program to be placed somewhere or to someone that cannot or will not receive attention, due to the divisiveness of the targeted theme or goal.
  • Spectate your brand and discover its visibility
What do I mean by this? From the moment you have released your product or program, somewhere on that has your branding name. Listen, look and learn how much of brand is remembered for its products. Things like Colgate, for example, is known for its hygiene products leaning mostly to toothpaste, toothbrush and some other products. Colgate remained followings its theme and catering of their products to their consumers and a brand name that is easily remembered. By discovering how visible your products are, you can also determine what your customers think and remember about your brand.
  • Gambling the risks of your product or program
As SMEs try to get their program or product to consumers and businesses, hesitation and fear are commonly placed. The amount invested into your program and products is at a gambling risk to return back the amount you’ve taken to make the product or program. For starters, take the time to look at areas where you have active exposure for your product or program. Be mindful of competition from the area you choose to start marketing your product or program. As the ratio of consumers prefer to go on with their day with what they know is best popularly known and used. Don’t forget when your product or program should start its exposure. On days where it rains often, people get into a shelter and you might just have the advantage to get onlookers to look at your products.
  • Never stop evolving or innovating your product or program
As time goes on, so does the evolution of technology and civilization. Business can fall quickly at the introduction of a new technology that has consumers and businesses willing to take the invention forward and outwards. At that rate, it’s simply the fact that the technology surpassed the inferior technology almost as if there’s no competition. But hold on, there a few handful who do not understand or have the literacy what the new innovation is about. You have a moment of advantage to welcome them and start your innovation to give the ones lagging behind from understanding what the new tech is about with your own inclusivity. Just because something has become the booming sensation across, it doesn’t mean everyone will be attracted by it. Without inclusivity in mind, the loudest boom cannot attract people who do not understand what it is.

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