Women in Social Enterprises

Today, more women are setting up social enterprises to address the apparent gaps in our society. Social enterprises focus on sustainability and making an impactful difference in people’s lives. 

In today’s article, we highlight the achievements of 4 women who have paved the way for the social entrepreneurship scene in Malaysia. 

1. Caroline Fong


Director and Founder of Coffeezone Malaysia, Caroline started the company to provide high-quality coffee to students and everyone who enjoys freshly-brewed coffee at affordable prices. But unlike an ordinary coffeeshop, Coffeezone is dedicated to a social cause where people with disabilities, such as the deaf or mentally challenged, are hired and trained without discrimination to provide them with an opportunity to work and make a decent living in society. 

Read more here: www.coffeezone.my

2. Marisha Naz Shakil


Marisha founded Butterfly FX, which is a platform to empower entrepreneurs to gain financial literacy skills, and rise up the value chain by providing personalized, action-oriented tools that enable them to apply the practical skills they have gained in their daily lives. 

Read more here: www.butterflyfx.co



3. Rhonwyn Hagedorn


Rhonwyn Hagedorn is the founder of Project WHEE!, which advocates for the sustainability of rural communities through entrepreneurial activities and youth volunteering programs. For example, in Bario, Sarawak, Project WHEE! is currently running youth volunteering programs from eco-tourism to preservation of traditional rice farming methods. Volunteers get to shadow farmers to observe how they carry out their farming, while at the same time learning more about their way of life. 

Read more here: www.projectwhee.com

4. Yasmin Rashid

Yasmin is the founder of EcoKnights, which is an environmental organisation that supports national and international environmental programs, specifically to promote sustainable development amongst important business players and communities. She founded the company in 2005 with the goal of helping communities with regards to sustainable development, and Annum 2019 remains to pioneer the social entrepreneurial landscape in Malaysia. Besides being deeply involved and committed to social innovation, Yasmin is also a regular volunteer of local environmental and social NGOs. 

Read more here: www.ecoknights.org.my


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