Women in Law (EasyLaw) – June Low

E-commerce is an ubiquitous phenomenon that has provided incredible opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs all over the world, especially in Southeast Asia, where transactions online, be it fashion, IT, or even food, are on the rise. 

In today’s article, we look at how June Low founded EasyLaw, the number 1 legal app in Malaysia.


Who is she?

June Low graduated with a degree in Accounting, but dropped out before completing her ACCA after witnessing the huge opportunity in e-commerce and went on to pursue her first business venture, an online fashion accessories shop called A Fashion Story instead. This allowed her to build up her digital marketing, branding, and business planning skills, which proved useful when she launched EasyLaw, an app that provides land search service, calculation service for legal fees and real property gains tax, and digital access to a number of statutes and rules of law of Malaysia. 

Her efforts have certainly not gone to waste, as the mobile app was recently named winner for the inaugural Singapore Venture Day Pitch Slam held during TechLaw.Fest 2018. The startup has also qualified to compete against regional winners from North America, Latin America, and Europe in the Global Legal Tech Venture Day planned to be held in July. 

Her experience with A Fashion World has also come in handy. “The products are different but marketing is marketing,” says June, who has had over 15,000 downloads within 6 months of starting. 


How EasyLaw started

Like most great Malaysian innovations, the idea for EasyLaw started at a mamak, one of the many restaurants serving Indian and other Malaysian food. A group of friends were discussing innovative ideas, technologies and startups that disrupted their markets and realised that Malaysia’s legal industry required a digital service which helped to alleviate certain tasks to ensure efficiency. Some of the friends in the group then went on to become founders of EasyLaw, each contributing different skills due to their unique backgrounds. 


What motivates her

As a female entrepreneur, June wishes to inspire young people through her entrepreneurial journey. Societal perceptions of women has also affected her decisions and mindset with regard to business and entrepreneurship. “If I had stuck to A Fashion Story only, people would say, “It’s just a jewellery business, very suitable for a lady to do”, June laments. She believes that the perception that female entrepreneurs are unable to make a lasting impact on a male-dominated field such as law has to be changed. And through her example as a successful entrepreneur, she believes that other women will be motivated to pursue their passions as well. 


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