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Digital Transformation has become a popular topic for most businesses. Many of us are still figuring out what exactly it is and even leaders are struggling with strategies to drive digital transformation. However, Kanika Agarwal has got it all figured out and even helps reputable businesses with their digital transformation.

Who is She?

Kanika Agarwal is one of the youngest parallel entrepreneurs of her generation. She is the CEO and Founder of Passion Peers – a digital transformation consultancy, agency and tech platform solutions; CEO and Co- Founder of Fempeers, a woman health – tech platform; Chief Growth Hacker and Co-Founder of Rapid Rabbits, an on-demand last mile delivery service. She was awarded the BERG Women Icon Award 2017 and has been listed as the top most inspiring entrepreneur by many publications including e27 and Tech in Asia. (Source: Emberin)

How it started

While she was still studying her Bachelor’s in Singapore, she was handling consumer marketing for 12 APAC markets and was also a Digital Marketing Trainer with a couple of organizations.  She started experimenting with technologies and did her research on the digital landscape of Asia and to get some experience of working in different industries.

After covering different aspects of digital transformation – from implementing digital technologies to transforming business culture, she is now building an ecosystem of subscription model services and IOT implementation services for MNC brands and SMEs through her company, Passion Peers. (Source: Asia Biz Today)

Passion Peers

She founded Passion Peers, a digital transformation agency and platform services company in 2016 and since then has serviced more than 40 brands including MNC’s like Estee Lauder Companies, Microsoft, NIVEA, ZeeTV Asia Pacific, American Standard. They have also won numerous awards for their experiential and innovative campaign ideas. Her goal for Passion Peers is to become the go-to company for CXOs be it CEOs, CMOs or CIOs, offering them one stop tailored solutions for their digital business transformation needs.

Last year, Marks & Spencer (M&S) has appointed Passion Peers as its new digital agency and they will be handling the upcoming digital initiatives and social media campaigns for M&S. Evelyn Sun, head of marketing for Marks & Spencer Asia mentioned in an interview that Passion Peers was chosen for its “proactiveness” and creativity to drive reach, sales and conversions for its brand. “Despite being a start-up with a lean team, the agency’s turnaround time is fast. We are confident that with the new agency, we can drive more engagement and reach out to more customers,” she added.

After two years into the market, Kanika Agarwal also mentioned that with prior experience working for luxury beauty and skin care brands, the agency has the “transformation and digital support” it looks to provide M&S from a fashion industry perspective.

In addition, Passion Peers has also been working with Unilever on its new arm of Unilever Professional globally except in Europe. They are covering end to end digital services including website development and content creation. (Source: Marketing)

Her other companies

She co-founded her second company, FemPeers in 2017. Fempeers supply subscription based menstrual kits in Singapore and has partnered with several big and small organizations like Menstrual Health Day Organization, KSHITIJ Foundation and Sacchi Saheli in New Delhi to address the global taboo of periods. According to their website, 80% of women in India do not use sanitary napkins and 70% cannot afford menstrual supplies. Thus, what FemPeers does is to give a free kit to a girl in the rural parts of India who does not have access to basic menstrual hygiene for every subscription they get. They have currently donated 134 pads to date.

Her third company that she co-founded in 2017, Rapid Rabbits (RaRa) – is an on-demand last mile delivery service in Singapore. RaRa Delivery is enabling ecommerce businesses and consumers with affordable and same-day parcel delivery service via their mobile app and business platform. With reference from their website, RaRa is making same-day deliveries at scale a reality at the most optimal cost by leveraging its asset light operational model and AI enabled real-time optimization technology.


Kanika Agarwal’s passion in digital has brought about her building an ecosystem of organizations that reflect the present and future of digital transformation. Her versatility in wearing different (digital) hats makes her a sought-after business leader and her unconventional leadership style combined with a new age human resource strategy makes her a leader of tomorrow.

Her mantra in life – A life driven with purpose is a life powered by passion. (Source: Women Economic Forum)

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