Women in China (Alarice & ChoZan)- Ashley Dudarenok

China is a huge market with more than 1.3 billion potential customers. Over the last few years, the economy of the Asian giant has rapidly increased becoming one of the biggest markets for brands. Brands have to focus their efforts to develop strong and efficient digital marketing strategies to penetrate into China.

In today’s article, we look at how Ashley Dudarenok, a China marketing expert, founded Alarice and ChoZan,  and the challenges she faced.

Who is she?

Ashley is a serial entrepreneur, professional speaker, bestselling author, vlogger, podcaster, media contributor and female entrepreneurship spokesperson. She is the founder of social media agency Alarice and, resources & training company ChoZan. Ashley is a China marketing expert with twelve years of professional experience specializing in Chinese social media, key opinion leader promotions and creative e-commerce and social media campaigns. She is fluent in Mandarin, Russian, German and English. Her specialties involve marketing in China, Chinese social media, KOL promotions and creative campaigns. (Source: Ashleytalks)

How Alarice & ChoZan started

In 2006, Ashley moved to China’s largest municipality, Chongqing, to study and work. She got to learn a lot professionally by working with international brands entering second tier cities in China.

After she moved to Hong Kong in 2010, she continued working in marketing and PR. She noticed that international firms still needed to have a better understanding of the Chinese business environment. She wanted to help them find the right approach to succeed so she founded her first agency Alarice. Then in 2016, they saw the need for quality information, education and resources for Chinese social media marketing and they founded ChoZan.

In 2017, she also started her own China marketing blog called Ashley Talks and Youtube Channel which now has over 4000 subscribers.

Alarice & ChoZan

Alarice International is a Hong Kong based agency firm offering creative online marketing solutions for the Chinese market. They work with international and Chinese companies to translate their ambitions into messages that reach their customers. They offer services across the digital marketing spectrum from social media strategy and management to online campaigns and KOL engagement. (Source: Alarice)

Chozan is an online training and resources platform specializing in Chinese social media. They are an international team of dedicated Chinese social media marketers, strategists, copywriters, designers and project managers based in Hong Kong. With six years of experience in the rapidly evolving field of Chinese social media, they have produced results for multinational corporations, startups, renowned brands, family-run businesses and even government departments. (Source: Chozan)

Challenges she faced

Apart from competing in the extremely competitive marketplace of China, Ashley said that one of the biggest challenges of any business is hiring the right people that are not only skilled, but also fit into your company culture and share the same life values.

“For it to be effective you must step into their world and work together. They should be treated as partners, not as a sales channel.”, said Ashley in an interview with Vultlab.

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