Why Should One Opt to Work with SMEs Rather Than a Big Firm

The glamour and glitz involved with a big firm can certainly be enticing, with the added benefits of good salaries, big bonuses, etc. Yet, unbeknownst to many, working in an SME offers a plethora of benefits and plays a significant role in the growth of an employee.

In today’s article, we discuss the exceptional career opportunities offered by SMEs. 

1. Flexibility

Larger firms are often more bureaucratic and have more complex structures compared to SMEs, which are generally more flexible and laidback in terms of their work policies. This would allow employees of an SME to play a greater role and contribute much more to his company than his peer of a similar position in a big company.

2. Closer Relationships

Working in a big firm may not provide you with opportunities to form deeper relationships with people from various other departments of a company. However, a smaller company such as an SME will allow you to form connections with many more people, from the receptionist all the way to the boss. This will make your office seem more like a home, where your environment is more nurturing than corporate. 

3. Greater Job Security

SMEs and smaller companies tend consider you as part of their family. This would make it harder to let you go as they have invested so much time and resources in you. Larger firms on the other hand, often have mandates from the leaders that determine the size of the cut. Hence, it is more possible for you to get affected in the retrenchment process as the leaders may not know you personally. 

4. More Satisfactory Working Conditions

Power and hierarchy is more deeply entrenched in larger firms where employees are subjected to the will of their bosses. Office politics are also much more prevalent and easier to get entangled in. This may result in reduced satisfaction levels in work. In SMEs, the total number of employees is much lower, and hence getting affected by office politics is not common. 

5. More Sustainable Goals

Generating profits is undoubtedly the underlying goal of every company, regardless of size. Yet, smaller companies tend to have multiple goals that are more wholesome and sustainable, such as focusing on environmental and societal benefits, as their primary aim is not to satisfy shareholders. 

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