Top 5 vacation spots shared by some CEOs

For busy CEOs, taking time off to get away is imperative to their well-being. Here are some top spots for CEOs to recharge.

1.  Capri, Italy

Romance seems to waft through the air on Capri, accompanied by the scent of lemon blossoms and fresh sea air. Leave the car on the mainland and join the masses who use water transport to flock to this dramatic Italian isle in the Bay of Naples. The luminescence of the Blue Grotto, the striking Faraglioni rocks and Palazzo al Mare add to the magical spell. Snorkel from Marina Piccola beach on the island’s south side, believed to be the spot where Odysseus nearly succumbed to the Sirens’ song.

Konrad Billetz, CEO and founder of interchangeable prescription eyewear maker Frameri says:

“I’ve only been once but it was complete zen for me. A great escape from the daily grind of running [my company]. My dream vacation now is to take someone to Sorrento and explore Capri.”

2. Rome, Italy

It’s nicknamed the Eternal City for a reason. In Rome, you can drink from a street fountain fed by an ancient aqueduct. Or see the same profile on a statue in the Capitoline Museum and the guy making your cappuccino. (Which, of course, you know never to order after 11 am.) Rome is also a city of contrasts—what other places on earth could be home to both the Vatican and La Dolce Vita?

 Michael Cassau, founder of BYEBUY, a startup offering consumers pay-as-you-go and on-demand gadget ownership says:

“[It has an] amazing combination of culture and modernity, religion, and atheism. Human modern history seems so close and young. Rome is the melting pot of our modern culture, the food is amazing, and life is simple and beautiful. You can race a Vespa around the city, drive to the Vatican, play phantasy in the Colosseum, and go back to the old city all on the same day.”

3. Tel Aviv, Israel

A youthful, modern metropolis with a diverse population, Tel Aviv dates back to only 1909. Clubs, bars, a thriving arts community, gay life, and beaches attract artists, musicians and young professionals to Tel Aviv’s more secular scene. Its UNESCO-designated Bauhaus architecture has won the city the moniker “The White City”. Walk, drive or take cabs between the cultural exhibition pavilions of Haaretz Museum, historic Independence Hall Museum, bustling Carmel Market and Old Jaffa’s boardwalk.

Asher Weinberger, co-founder of direct-to-consumer menswear startup Twillory, developers of formaldehyde-free non-iron products says:

“I love it because it’s one of the youngest, most modern cities in the world. Each time I visit the city is different. The incredibly fast pace at which the culture, food, and infrastructure develop allows for new and exciting discoveries every trip. The economy is centered around the tech startup scene and in reality, the whole city feels like a startup itself.”

4.  Tulum, Mexico

Tulum is relaxation and romance with an ancient angle. Guests can enjoy modern takes on traditional Mayan massage and spa treatments, or sunbathe on gorgeous Yucatan beaches within site of well-preserved ancient ruins. A rare mix of beach, archeology, and village, Tulum is a romantic getaway like no other.

Erin Sykes, founder of the online wellness, fitness, and coaching community Mission 360 says:

“It’s magical and unspoiled, and you need only pack one pair of sandals. I have never experienced anything as intensely detoxifying or renewing as a Mayan Temescal ceremony–it’s spectacular. A multitude of yoga spots, cave dives, and a lack of cell service combine for an active, uninterrupted holiday. Fresh fish and greens from Posada Margherita–and a perhaps a little shopping at their adorable boutique–ensure that you feel amazing yet indulged. Nightcaps under the jungle canopy at Gitano make you pinch yourself in awe.”

5. Barcelona, Spain

troll Las Ramblas and enjoy Barcelona’s unique blend of Catalan culture, distinctive architecture, lively nightlife and trendy, stylish hotels. You’ll find Europe’s best-preserved Gothic Quarter here, as well as amazing architectural works by Gaudi. La Sagrada Familia, considered Gaudi’s masterpiece, is still under construction (your entrance fee helps to fund the project). Feel like a picnic? Look no further than the rambunctious La Boqueria market, where you can stock up on local delicacies.

 Cody Disch, co-founder of the men’s accessories brand rooted in American-made socks,  Ace & Everett says:

“It possesses the perfect balance of Mediterranean chill with a unique culture. The relaxed Spanish lifestyle is galvanized with the powerful architecture of Gaudi.”

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