The Entrepreneur Series – Wan Wei Soh, Head Of Ecosystem of Multiverse Labs

Who is she? 

Wan Wei Soh is a Singaporean tech futurist. She has a keen interest in GameFi, NFTs and virtual humans, especially on the topic of parasocial and AI-human relationships.  

Wan Wei is also the Head of Ecosystem at Multiverse Labs, in charge of nurturing the Multiverse ecosystem to ensure that stakeholders are engaged and invested in what they are co-creating. Her role is cross-functional and she talks to people from all walks of life daily. They have a great team of amazing people!

At Multiverse Labs, they work with large real estate companies, fashion houses, record labels, gaming studios and NGOs to serve global communities. The vision is to innovate via A.I. and through emerging technologies. Wan Wei is personally excited about some of the future DAOs (decentralized autonomous organizations) they are building that will serve growing communities.


What made you decide to be a part of Multiverse Labs?

“All team members at Multiverse are into emerging technologies to various degrees, so the intellectual stimulation is definitely there! In addition, we have a work from anywhere policy, which I really identified with since I’m a frequent traveller too. Last but not least, we have AMAZING team members.”


What is a typical morning at work?

“Usually, I take an average of three to five external calls a day. Sometimes we have All-Hands meetings too, so mornings are typically spent checking in with my fellow teammates and partners.”


What are some of the challenges of the job?

“Web3.0 moves really fast, man. So I think a high level of flexibility, with a huge tablespoon of humility and growth mindset, is needed!”


What were some of the life lessons which you have learned along the way in your career? 

“I’ll give three life lessons + a bonus here:

1. Be yourself – know that you are always enough. Even when you *feel* that you are not enough, that sort of honesty about your flaws will get you places as long as you are crystal clear about the market value you bring to the table. It’s called being purposefully vulnerable.

2. Be present and actively listen. People almost always never say what they want. Learn to suss out the unseen- is it money, fame, power, attention, ego that someone wants? Paying attention to the unseen and unsaid has served me well way more than engaging someone in logical arguments and “being right”. It took me super long to learn it.

3. Negotiate well. Always think about how you can put more value on the table and ask for more rewards. Usually, when people don’t negotiate well, it is because they don’t know what others are getting as a market value and/ or they haven’t really understood the business model and their contribution to it yet.

…and bonus takeaway: DO NOT MISREPRESENT. I’m saying this because I’ve misrepresented stuff before when I was younger, both unintentionally and intentionally , and the results and post-event self-judgement were bad. You can propose or ask however audaciously, and thou shalt not misrepresent or lie. People respect honesty, hustling spirit, guts and ambition.”


Best advice someone has given you in life?

“The best advice is actually recent advice from John, who’s the Co-Founder of Multiverse Labs! I asked John how I can grow as a person. He advised me to consider “preaching to skeptics”, because usually I just ignore them, ha ha. The logic is to sincerely and seriously consider where disagreeing voices are coming from, and to address their concerns head on, so that I can expand my influence and have the opportunity to edit the narrative in their heads. This advice has served me very well so far!”


As the Head of Ecosystem of Multiverse Labs, what motivates you personally?

“There is something new everyday at work and in this industry; it’s super fun and intellectually stimulating! I feel that smart and hardworking entrepreneurs- no matter where you are and how much money you have- are actually breaking hegemonies through our work at Multiverse Labs.”


Do you ever face biasness in your work and position because of your gender? 

“Of course! Web3.0 and the blockchain space are still very male (and alcohol) dominated. Some people think they can do anything to insult or demean the integrity of women because, in their view, women can’t and won’t fight back.

For example, one stranger who claimed to be a community member came down to our office in Tanjong Pagar to look for Wan Wei in a true stalker fashion, and I’ve been verbally harassed online too.

Thankfully, due to my public relations background, every harm against my colleagues and myself is documented, so that we can prove malicious intent as well as the frequency of harassment. Hence, the police and my lawyers can be involved if ever needed. People tend to forget that harassment is criminal, which means you can be sent to jail or fined for it.

We don’t let that detail us though, because we have extremely important work to do!”


If I was not a Head of Ecosystem of Multiverse Labs, I would be a _________? 

“Owner of a Cheesecake Factory. In my cafe, I will feature Diamond eyed cats (also known as “IKItties”)”


Any inspirational quote for all the women in business & leadership out there?

“Own your strengths, weaknesses, identity and narrative, because that’s your true beauty and power!”


Check out Multiverse Labs here.

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