The Entrepreneur Series – Alexander Pang (New Ubin Seafood)

Who is he?

Alexander Pang is the 2nd-generation chef and CEO of New Ubin Seafood, which is one of Singapore’s most celebrated tze char restaurants, known for its unique menu that displays Singaporean and Western dishes side by side. Diners get the best of both worlds, including an elevated experience due to the locations: CHIJMES and Ramada Zhongshan Park. Prior to his business venture, Pang was a lawyer at Rajah & Tann Singapore LLP and TSMP Law Corporation. 
 Why He Joined the Family Business?

Cooking has always run in his blood, since the time he hung around his grandmother’s kitchen to the first time he started making meals for his family and friends. He was dedicated to the practice and to this day, he embraced it from an academic perspective. Leaving his career as a lawyer and joining the family business were two separate decisions. He left legal practice shortly after becoming a junior partner as he felt that it inhibited other aspects of his personal growth, even though it gave him a sense of fulfillment. Most importantly, he felt that he had become defined by what he did rather than who he was. Although he could have remained in the legal sector or taken up an in-house role with a 50% higher paycheck, he chose to join the family business as he wanted to preserve and grow the legacy his father had built, which both father and son continue to build together.


What are his thoughts on Singapore’s F&B Scene?

His personal view is that the F&B industry is conventionally (and rather incorrectly) saved as “blue dollar”. This social stigma has effectively stunted the growth of the F&B industry as people opt for other career paths socially considered safe or prestigious. Matched with the shrinking pool willing to bear the grind associated with the industry, this creates a lack of sustainability. To change this phenomenon, the way the industry is perceived must be changed – and this begins with the employers first. Average pay can be raised but higher standards must be demanded in return. 


Future Plans For New Ubin?

Having opened 2 restaurants in 2018 (CHIJMES in February 2018 and Zhongshan Park in December 2018), Alexander Pang’s focus is on consolidating his businesses in 2019. He is exploring the idea of opening up a central kitchen to pave the way for catering and entering the online FMCG market. He may also open another restaurant or eatery later in the year, although this may be a separate brand. For the time-being, his immediate concern is with regards to relocating his Hillview outlet to Tampines in the second quarter of 2019 as his Hillview lease is set to expire. 




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