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Following Singapore, H.E.R® Entrepreneur has launched our Malaysian H.E.R® LearnXNetwork sessions, right in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, at The Co. Bangsar.

As some of our regular readers know, H.E.R hosts a LearnXNetwork session every month, and with varying topics and speakers/panelists.

To launch our H.E.R Malaysia Campaign, we have invited Nadira Yusoff, Founder of Kiddocare, Charmain Tan, Founder of Quickdesk, and Kristine Ng, CEO of Fundaztic to share on why going digital is essential to business success, how businesses can go about digitization, and how digitization has helped them as founders and leaders of their company. 

Nadira Yusoff

Nadira is the founder and CEO of Kiddocare, a technology-driven platform that connects parents with reliable, trained and certified baby sitters. Available as downloadable application, parents are able to get personalized babysitting services either on-demand or long term services, straight to their house or any other location they require. Babysitters also known as Kiddocarers, are given the opportunity to grow  their careers as professional nanny, or, as a childcare entrepreneur with Kiddocare. Kiddocare started operating in October 2018 in Kalng Valley, and will be available nationwide beginning May 2019, and planned for ASEAN expansion by December 2019.


Charmain Tan

Founded in 2014, QuickDesk is a one stop sales solution provider that specialises in empowering SMEs with digital tools & skills for maximum revenue growth. QuickDesk has serviced more than 800 clients both locally & internationally through our inhouse CRM software and QuickDesk integrated services; our qualified sales appointment generation service.

Today QuickDesk is spearheading the digitization of sales processes and revenue generation among SMEs through its Digital Sales Transformation Program (DST). DST is an interactive training curriculum that is designed and delivered in partnership with Lithan Academy.


Kristine Ng

Kristine Ng is a Director and founding CEO of the company.

Her passion in driving innovation saw her coming up with many industry first movers.

Before her role in Fundaztic, Kristine held the position of Executive Vice President, Business Development at Credit Guarantee Corporation (CGC). She revamped the go-to-market structure of the Corporation by coming up with business fronting units that directly deals with various types of clients and succeeded in regaining the confidence of the commercial banks through process and product improvements.

Kristine was also responsible for the overall supervision of development and implementation of business and marketing strategies for the Corporation inclusive of the client management model and the Corporation’s network of 16 branches.

The PG model enhanced and the WG model launched during her stewardship not only achieved high business growth but also won international accolades.

The Q&A Session was lively and the discussions that followed were found to be very informative.

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The event ended around 5pm, and we broke into our networking & refreshments.

We were glad to see the attendees having engaging conversations with our speakers and connecting with each other. We hope to deliver more of these meaningful events, bringing experience that extends beyond the closing session.

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