HER® Entrepreneur’s Most Engaging Social Media Personalities 2021

An entrepreneur of any gender needs a determined belief in what they are doing and a cast-iron resolve to get things done if they are to succeed in a highly competitive marketplace. Unfortunately, the evidence still seems to indicate that if you are female, you will need an extra effort to break through the proverbial glass ceiling.


HER® Entrepreneur has identified a list of inspirational female entrepreneurs, leaders, and visionaries in no particular order of accomplishment, who have done exactly that. These amazing ladies have also received the highest engagement from our community through our social media posts in 2021.

1. Leza Klenk, CEO, Spendless Cosmetics


“Sometimes you think you’ve been buried, but actually you’ve been planted.”

2. Alodia Gosiengfiao, Top Philippines female E-sports gamer, Facebook Gaming Ambassador, Cosplayer, Influencer, Actress & Co-Founder, Tier One Entertainment


“Be different, be genuine and think of how you can contribute more than what you can gain. When you are given a chance to be up there, be a blessing or a light to others.”

3. Maiko Makito, Co-owner & Managing Director, Pearl FALCO


“Regardless of your reservations, know that what you do makes a difference. It might not be a difference at the scale you imagined but even the smallest ripple gives you a better understanding on where you stand and how to overcome plausible challenges. The true entrepreneur is a doer, not a dreamer.


Despite the challenges, it is all worth it when you’re following your passions. Being surrounded by people who have the same convictions as you is always helpful.”

4. Hamidah A. Karim, Founder, De’Bunga


“The need to have the right mindset, to be able to brainstorm interesting ideas that they are strongly passionate about, and to have a strong support system especially from their loved ones. Be unique and don’t be afraid of competition!”

5. Yuki Wong, COO, Mermaid Federation International (MFI)


“Initiative is doing the right thing without being told.”

6. Zoe Ng, Co-Founder & Marketing Manager, Agro Bright Farm


“Be patient with yourself! Success is determined by your hard work!”

7. Vivian Vu, Director of Operations & Partner, Next LVL Beauty


“Strength does not come from winning, it comes from experience.”

8. Debra Tay, Co-Founder, Urban Sproutz


“All life starts with a little seed. No matter what you do, it is all about passion.”

9. Juju Noda, Japan’s youngest & only female aspiring F1 Driver


“I think (young women) in this sport or any other sport should never give up and believe in themselves. If they do that, then there should be a way to follow their paths to success.”

10. Bianca Bustamante, Philipines’s Racing Kart prodigy & only Asian selected for a Ferrari scholarship


“Find passion in whatever you choose to do and to build love and discipline for it as it is the main ingredient to success. You only live once, you only have one childhood, so you’d want to make the most of it which is what I’m doing now.”

11. Janine Allis, Founder & CEO, Boost Juice Bars


“Enjoy the journey. When you are running your business you will be spending more time with your business than you will be with your partner, kids and dog, so pick something you can be passionate about.”

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