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We hosted the 5th H.E.R LearnXNetwork of the year last week at The Co. Duxton!

As some of our regular readers already know, H.E.R hosts a LearnXNetwork session every month, and with varying topics and speakers/panelists.

This month, we discussed “The Working Family”. H.E.R invited Chelsea Wan (2nd Gen Business Owner, Jurong Frog Farm), Zhen Nan Low ( 3rd Gen Business Owner, S.J. Low Bros. & Co.) and Renee Tan (Founder, Rendeur & H.E.R Entrepreneur), to share their insights on balancing the dynamics of running a business with family, what to consider and how to digitally transform a traditional business for the new economy.

Chelsea Wan

Chelsea Wan is a second-generation farmer from Jurong Frog Farm, now known as JFF PTE LTD. Growing up on the farm, Chelsea has been imbued with a passion for the agricultural industry in Singapore and has over the years strived to raise the standard of her farm’s operations. Being a farmer in city-state Singapore and active member of the Kranji Countryside Association, where she currently serves as Secretary, she has become acutely aware of the challenges faced by the industry as well as the opportunities present.

ZhenNan Low

ZhenNan Low is a third generation business Owner from S.J. Low Bros. & Co. ZhenNan spent the first few years understanding the business and also exploring the possibility of using technology to bring the company forward. S.J. Low has been instrumental in supporting the global distribution strategies of leading international food companies. The company has been driving the reach of international food brands onto the shelves of all leading supermarkets in Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Brunei and Cambodia.

During the Q&A session, we got to heard some very interesting questions from the participants. Our speakers shared about when and how they joined their family business, what were some of the things that aspiring Family Business owners should consistently look out for and how to manage relationships – especially with the founder (their parent). They also further discussed about the changes they made to their companies and the balance between family expectations & interest.

The event ended around 8.30pm, and we broke into our networking & refreshments.

We were extremely glad to see the attendees having engaging conversations with our speakers and connecting with each other. We hope to deliver more of these meaningful events, bringing experience that extends beyond the closing session.

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