H.E.R 3rd Anniversary LearnXNetwork

We had a great time at the H.E.R 3rd Anniversary LearnXNetwork!

The H.E.R team would like to thank everyone who came to the event, and we hope you’ve made some meaning connections.

For our friends who could not make it to the event, here’s a quick summary of last night.

The Panel was moderated by Renee, our Founder at H.E.R Entrepreneur, and featured Juvena Huang from the Wandering Wasp, Marieke Bink from Cycling Without Age SG, and Vivian Chan from Encore Muay Thai.

Our panelists came from all different walks of life, but they shared some common traits – drive, determination, and uncanny ambition.

Vivian Chan was a ‘down on her luck’ graduate who didn’t know how she could make something of herself – and when she believed she had hit rock bottom (thousands of dollars in debt), instead of spiraling, Vivian grew determined and put everything on the line to open Encore Muay Thai, an all Female Muay Thai Gym. Now, she is also the founder of Instant Pain Relief SG & Youngpreneur Academy.

Marieke Bink is a Dutch Native who came to Singapore with her family some years ago. She saw the despondence and depression in Singapore’s neglected elderly, and it affected her immensely. So instead of taking a comfortable desk job, Marieke decided to forgo a salary altogether to found Cycling Without Age, a non-profit that provides trishaw tours around Singapore for the Elderly. Cycling Without Age has managed to reach thousands of Singapore’s Elderly, giving them some much needed company and fresh air – staving off loneliness and depression.

Juvena Huang is an adventurer. After the passing of a treasured friend, Juvena decided that life was too short to remain stationary, and she immediately set out to ride her Vespa from Singapore, all the way to Europe. So far, Juvena has covered 25 countries (all on Vespa!), and she’ll be heading off on another adventure in 2020. In the mean time, Juvena is writing a book detailing her adventures while on the road, describing the people she’s met and the hospitality she’s experienced all over the world.

All three ladies shared about how they managed to break away from the standard moulds that society enforced on them, and instead (successfully) pursued such unconventional careers and paths – lessons in life that anyone who’s ever thought of leaving their 9-5 jobs to found their own companies can relate to.

After the panel, Renee shared a little about H.E.R Entrepreneur and our up coming events (which you can view here), and we moved onto Networking and Refreshments!

We’d like to thank our food & venue sponsor, I AM… Cafe for the delicious spread!

We would also like to thank our door gift sponsor, Les Parfum for the tiny perfumes!

We had a great time! See you next month!

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