BrandforGoods Award, Rendeur

Renee Tan, founder of Rendeur, won the Brandsforgood award, that aims to recognise businesses that not only make a difference but also commit as stewards for a positive impact.

Brands for Good is all about rewarding businesses for doing good. They recognise and honour SMEs across Asia for embodying the principles of Social Responsibility in their business and operations.

They believe that a brands’ success is not based solely on its business achievements, but also by the positive role it plays in it’s community and environmental engagement. They are driven by a cause to shout about those who are making strides towards a better world for everyone-employees, customers as well as the communities they operate in. These companies are seen as a realistic force for good and change-for-the-better, and they want to recognise and reward their efforts.

Rendeur is a social enterprise, that uplifts businesses and individuals from multiple industries in brand transformation, multi-channel marketing advisory and implementation online to offline. The company also upskills employees and individuals through customised learning and development programs catered to meet the gaps of the learners. 

Our brand ethos is to realise one’s vision through the art and science of progressive and continuous learning and the actual application of the learning.

We immerse ourselves in the clients’ journey and provide a roadmap for them to achieve their goals through problem identification, customised solutioning, to skill-set uplifting and business transformation.

Rendeur aims to impact the different spectrum or layers of women entrepreneurs, from educating the aspiring ones to providing a platform for current founders to connect, learn and create a safe space for them to ask questions.

We are into inclusivity and diversity and ensure a good mix of male and female entrepreneurs from different industries, background and regions.

As a social enterprise, part of our proceeds are utilised to provide  free training programs for low income families or marginalised women, who are beneficiaries of our charity partners.


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