5 Helpful Tips to Closing a Deal

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Are you one of those people who struggle to close a sales opportunity? Unfortunately, closing a deal isn’t just a walk in the park, especially for those who do not have prior sales experience. Closing a sale takes careful planning and a solid strategy. Here are some tried and tested ways to help you save time and earn that deal:
1.    Set an objective
As with every effort and move you make, you need to have a concrete objective. Before meeting with a potential customer, be specific on your objective. It should be appropriate to the sales cycle, aggressive, and measurable so it would be easier to evaluate.
2.    Be genuine
Clients can sense in you are trying too hard to make a sale. This could turn them off and worst cost you the deal. That’s why it’s very important to be genuine in your approach and to show the client that you care about their business to (not just the deal). Know your clients need and incorporate how your offer can benefit their business.
3.    Be confident and know your impact
Before getting into a sales meeting, make sure that you’ve done thorough research about the client’s that you’re meeting and the business that he’s into. Prepare a tailor-made sales pitch to match his needs. Highlight your business values and offerings. Lastly, be prepared to answer possible concerns that the client might raise.
4.    Tell a story
Share how you have been an aid your other customers to achieve their goals and improve their businesses. Highlight the ways how you’ve helped them, the problems that they have prior to getting your service, and the favorable outcomes that they have gained out of it.
5.    Create a sense of urgency
Based on research, creating urgency when selling can help increase the volume of sales you close. Present to your customers why now is the right time to make a decision. Give them a reason to make the choice. You can attach a deal to the deadline like incentives, discounts, or freebies. Whatever it is that you’ll offer, avoid overbeating and make them feel that they have the advantage.

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Written by Renee Tan, Founder & MD of Rendeur, H.E.R Entrepreneur. Renee inspires, educate and empower aspiring women entrepreneurs, besides educating corporate professionals in excelling in functional skill sets such as sales, marketing, customer service, exhibition strategies and communication skills. She is also a mental wellness coach and have been conducting sessions for corporate organisations on stress management.

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