As an entrepreneur and a mother myself, I understand the challenges that aspiring women entrepreneurs with families or are transiting to start a family face.

Only with a strong support group and through proper training and knowledge sharing, will one be uplifted and be self-sustaining.

Renee Tan

Founder, Rendeur (H.E.R Entrepreneur)

Harnessing the power of women in Entrepreneurship, Leadership and Relationship

H.E.R Entrepreneur is the most strategic platform for women entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs to be inspired, educated, empowered and connected through our online resources, meet-ups, workshops and conferences.

We form a strong network of visionaries who are successful leaders, entrepreneurs, and investors who provide great insights, connections and training to uplift and realise the visions of aspiring entrepreneurs in business across Asia..

Beneficiaries of the H.E.R Entrepreneur platform are underprivileged and abused women, and we’ve worked with World Vision, Daughters of Tomorrow, and this year, New Hope Community Services to provide free business consultations & training to help set them up for success.

As of 2019, H.E.R Entrepreneur is officially a Social Enterprise registered in Singapore.

Why H.E.R?

According to the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) report, the rate of entrepreneurship has risen by 10% on average from 2015-2016.

Studies have shown that women are a third more likely to start a business out of necessity than men due to their financial situation especially in the South East Asian regions with low GDP per capita, where women had to find ways to earn more to supplement the household income.

However, in the developed regions, women may be more educated and financially stable, but they too face the struggles of managing their family and career successfully. Some fear entrepreneurship due to the lack of experience and support, while some were ingrained with the mindset that entrepreneurship is for men.

Thus, we are designing this support platform to assist aspiring or young entrepreneurs to jump-start their entrepreneurial journey by providing them with the skill-sets through training and coaching, and to network with successful entrepreneurs, leaders and investors through our events and summits.

Key mission is to inspire, educate and empower women so that they can be financially  independent, capable, and self-sustaining.


H.E.R Entrepreneur hosts a monthly LearnXNetworking session, and a percentage of the proceeds from all H.E.R event will be donated to our beneficiaries.

H.E.R Malaysia hosts a LearnXNetworking session every 2 months.

LearnXNetworking sessions will feature panels, speaking & sharing segments, and of course, networking.

Check out our latest event here.


Expect SME & Female Entrepreneurship related articles, videos, and discussions in the H.E.R Community on Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, and at the monthly H.E.R LearnXNetwork sessions.

H.E.R Entrepreneur Network Members will also be listed on the H.E.R Website, with H.E.R Members enjoying preferential rates & discounts from fellow members.


H.E.R Entrepreneur Network Members will enjoy preferential rates for events, a free VIP pass to H.E.R Asia Summit 2019, 50% off a General Pass for H.E.R Malaysia Summit 2019, and more.

Find out if an Individual, Start-Up, or Corporate Membership is suited for you, more info here!

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