Women in Wellness (SUP YOGA HK & Float On Hong Kong) – Dee Cheung

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Wellness is on the rise in Singapore. In 2015, the Global Wellness Institute estimated the worth of the international wellness institute as around $3.7 trillion, or just under 3.5% of the annual gross world product. A veritable shape shifter, wellness knows many faces: for some, it means fitness classes and gyms, for others it means meditation, spas, and complementary or alternative medicine. For others still, wellness extends to nutrition and healthy eating, in addition to workplace wellness and preventive and personalised medical care.

In today’s article, we look at how Dee Cheung co-founded SUP YOGA HK and Float On Hong Kong and the challenges she faced.

Who is she?

Dee Cheung is the co-founder of SUP YOGA HK and Float On Hong Kong. Dee has been an integral part of the Hong Kong’s wellness sector. In addition to teaching high school kids meditation and consciousness, she has co-founded SUPYogaHK, and she and her husband opened FloatOn – the first float therapy centre in Hong Kong.

How SUPYogaHK & FloatOn started

In 2006, when Dee first moved to Hong Kong from Canada she found herself immersing into the practice and study of yoga while working a full time job. She has taken two 200 hour teacher trainings and multiple diplomas so she can teach mothers and babies up to adults, and even yoga on the water. She has collaborated and consulted on wellness programs, wellness events and festivals to help bring some work/life balance in people’s lives.

She loves the life she’s living and says that she’s always learning and hoping to inspire others, and help them connect back to themselves through yoga, meditation or floating.

In 2013, after working at lululemon athletica as their Asia community connector, she founded with Nadine Bubner, SUPYogaHK. They wanted to see if people were ready to take their yoga practice off the mat and onto the water with them and really get present. Now, they are hosting their first SUP YOGA teacher training and bringing yoga and fitness on water with the launch of Boga Fitmats!

In 2015, she co-founded FloatOn Hong Kong with her husband. The first float therapy centre to open its doors and help people relax and de-stress. It’s the ultimate power off from all electronics and an hour to literally float in a pod filled with 500 kilograms of epsom salts and water. She hoped for people to be able to resonate with this and discover something that would take them one step closer to living a balanced life.

Lessons she learnt

In an interview, Dee shares her tips on the pursuit of wellbeing. “Always set one big one and the smaller ones that are going to help you get there. That is the key to making any change. Then, consistency. There’s a study that shows a new behaviour doesn’t become a new behaviour until you do it everyday for at least 2 months.” said Dee.

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