Women in 3D Tech (A Gentleman’s Tale) – Lyn Chan

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The interest and adoption of 3D Technology in Singapore is gradually rising in various industrial sectors most notably in the maritime, marine offshore, aerospace, precision engineering and biomedical sectors, changing, disrupting and innovating manufacturing processes for improved performance and cost advantages.

In today’s article, we look at how Lyn Chan co-founded A Gentleman’s Tale and the challenges she faced.

How A Gentleman’s Tale started

Lyn Chan is the Co-founder of A Gentleman’s Tale. In 2015, Lyn along with co-founder Kenneth Chia combined their individual love for fashion, their knowledge from their tailoring and fashion background and skills garnered from their previous experiences to start the brand, A Gentleman’s Tale.

When they first started, they looked at options on how to keep costs low. They chose to be mobile tailors, which will allowed them to have minimal overheads. Then, they would travel around Singapore on public transport bringing along a backpack and cabin luggage.

In 2016, they got together sufficient funds to place a deposit for a van, which became their mode of transport as well as their office. With a van, they could see more customers in a day and managed to save enough for three months’ rental, renovation, fixtures and fittings, and that was when they opened their showroom at River Valley.

In 2018, they started to plan what’s next for the company and realised that they wanted to expand their mobile side on a different level. This is when they came up with the idea of using 3D scanners to get that perfect custom-made fit. They chanced upon a company that was bringing in some 3D scanners and they signed up to get one.

A Gentleman’s Tale

A Gentleman’s Tale brings mobile tailoring service to the doorstep. They travel around Singapore in a van with modifications to the interior to accommodate a full length pull out the mirror, pop up changing room and shelving units to display fabric samples.

Customers make an appointment and they’ll drive over to your place, where they’ll talk you through the choices of fabrics and the designs of the outfit. After which comes the fun part: 3D body scanning.

The service is located at the back of the bus. Male and female customers up to a height of 1.85m stand in the middle as they are scanned using infrared light from sensors located at the corners of the space. The scanner measures 127 points of the body, which is then translated into a computer rendering that can be instantly seen on an iPad. The entire process takes all of two seconds.

Challenges she faced

In an interview, Lyn talks about some of the challenges she faced. “Tailoring is a dying trade. There is a difference between someone who understands the mechanics of a drafting and cutting process who takes the measurements versus someone who is only trained to take measurements”, said Gillian.

Lyn and Kenneth aspire to set-up their own small factory which has modern technology such as laser cutting innovation. For instance, click a button on their iPad after measurements are taken from the showroom, or wherever they are, and the orders will be received at their factory. The end goal being to owning a craft village and a beach resort.

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