How to ‘up’ Your Social Media Game

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Two-time award nominated and Twitter story-teller, Arjun Basu, once tweeted, ‘Without strategy, content is just stuff.’ This begs the question; how do we create content to appeal to consumers? How do I get people to notice my social media sites?

Well, here are 3 ways to boost your social media platforms and get more users interested in your online profile!

In the media landscape today, the average consumer is going to be flooded with numerous media posts and articles trying to get their point across. What would make yours stand out would be the way you tell your story.

Instead of creating content that would fit in with the norm, think about your post as an essay; it should have a hook , setup and a climax (or a punchline). What would make your ‘essay’ different from the rest? Keep this in mind when you are creating your content.

Craft your post in a new way that would make someone stop scrolling through their feed and actually say ‘Hey, this is new!’

2. Two-way communication is key

Nothing disappoints a customer more than when they reach out to you on a media platform and receive no response. Remember to engage commenters and site visitors who like or respond to your posts. Give recognition to those who like, comment and follow your posts or page by liking their comments in response or even dropping them a short Facebook message.  By responding quickly and thoughtfully with customers, you create that humanizing and personal touch that many businesses lack.

3. Brand identity

Build a strong brand identity that allow browsers to easily differentiate your posts from the flood of generic advertisements. This can be achieved through visual branding, developing your brand’s voice or culture and content curation. Choosing a standardized colour  scheme and consistent tone of voice also distinguishes your brand. A good example of this is Netflix. Netflix often uses wit and humor to create a humanizing touch and popularised the famous term ‘Netflix and Chill’. If you’re on social media, you’ve definitely heard the term. Although the term was intitially misinterpreted, Netflix went along with it and achieved a 70 Million subscriber rate.

Here are just three small ways to improve your social media marketing. However, if you’d like to learn more on how to ‘up’ your social media game, attend the H.E.R Asia Summit 2018 with the theme on business growth and digitization where we will address the topic on Navigating Digital Disruption! Click here to register now!

Written by: Dominique Nelson



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