H.E.R LearnXNetwork – The Business Behind The Food

We hosted the 4th H.E.R LearnXNetwork of the year last night at The Co. Duxton!

As some of our regular readers already know, H.E.R hosts a LearnXNetwork session every month, and with varying topics and speakers/panellists.

This month, we discussed “The Business Behind The Food”. H.E.R invited Tasneem Noor (Founder of Fika Swedish Cafe & Bistro, Konditori Artisanal Bakery, and Lickety Ice Cream & Waffles), Sharon Lee (Co-Founder, Kilo Kitchen) and Jamuri Busori (Co-Founder, I am… Cafe), to share their insights on when and how their journey began as an F&B Entrepreneur, and the trials and tribulations they’ve had to face to get to where they are today.

Sharon Lee

Sharon is the co-founder of Kilo Kitchen, an iconic local brand which includes Camp Kilo, Kilo Lounge, as well as Grain Traders. A new mother second time round, Sharon shared on Kilo’s journey, how working with her husband has shaped the business, and how she manages to balance motherhood and the fast & unrelenting life of an F&B entrepreneur.

Tasneem Noor

Tasneem who is the founder of Fika Swedish Cafe & Bistro, is a veteran F&B Entrepreneur of more than 10 years. During the panel she spoke about her journey as an F&B entrepreneur, how she managed to ride the Trend Waves over the years, and how she coped balancing Passion & Business.

Jamuri Busori

Jamuri is the co-founder of I am… Cafe, the iconic Amsterdam inspired cafe located right in the entrance of Haji Lane. I am… serves halal versions of dutch cuisines, and has helped bring global cuisine to an even larger community of people.

We got to hear some very interesting questions from the participants. Our panelists explained to us the certain marketing strategies they used to help find their audience and boost their following.

Our speakers shared about when and how they started their first Café/Bistro, what were some of the things that aspiring F&B Entrepreneurs should look out for and how to handle relationships – both at home & at work. They also further discussed about “Passion Turned Business”, how does one find the balance between passion & work.

The event ended around 8.30pm, and we broke into networking & refreshments.

We were glad to see the attendees engaging in networking with our guests and connecting with each other.

Department Head of Mindef, Cindy Puah, who was at the event said, “This is a very good platform where people gather, network and share experiences about entrepreneurship. Besides that they share their life experiences of their challenges. It is different from watching on Youtube. So besides that there are networking sessions and you have the opportunity to talk to the business entrepreneur themselves. Not only do you gain some knowledge in terms of mindset change of business, it cultivates you from leadership, thinking your own business mindset.”

Senior Creative of Zee Mart, Shahrul Azmi, who was one of our attendees said, “This talk itself is very good for a lot of reasons. It opens up all the questions that people might have about starting out and, what they can do is just come in, listen and absorb. At the end of the day they can directly talk and ask questions to whoever they need, to get some assist.”

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