Anna Lim, Co-Founder, The Soup Spoon

Anna is the co-founder of The Soup Spoon, a local homegrown soup chain with 26 outlets offering wholesome soup meals for all occasions. All of The Soup Spoon’s healthy and wholesome recipes are the masterpieces by SouperChef Anna, who carefully hand-crafts each soup with love and care. A self-taught cook who strongly believes in clean eating, her recipes are mostly inspired from her travels and experiences across the globe. Since founding the company in 2002, Anna has constantly been injecting new ideas, new concepts and implemented new ways of doing things to keep the business fresh and relevant to the ever-changing consumer landscape.

As General Manager, Anna is not only accountable for the day-to-day management, she is also responsible for the innovation of the ready-to-eat meals and product development for The Soup Spoon. Being liable for the daily operations, she manages the process flows and ensures customers get the best quality. Anna believes good process flows and product designs can offer her deserving customers better culinary experiences, and is actively improving such aspects in the company. Prior to this, she was a clinical embryologist at Singapore General Hospital. Her background in embryology has taught her to combine both the science and art of culinary to