Back-to-work fuss-free head turner makeup tips

We recently had a fun and casual H.E.R Show session called High Tea with Renee with our Founder and Managing Director Renee Tan, our guest speakers, Co-Founder of Living Essentially, Fabian Tan, Professional makeup artist & educator, Joyce Yeo and Founder of Coffeezone Sdn Bhd, Caroline Fong sharing their knowledge and tricks on how to create a healthy and natural lipstick of your own, some back to work fuzz-free make up tips and how to make the ever popular Dalgona Coffee.

Key takeaways or areas from Joyce Yeo’s back-to-work fuss-free head turner makeup tips are as follows:

Items to prepare:

  • Powder puff/powder brush

  • Standing mirror


  • Liquid foundation

  • Concealer

  • Lipstick (Double up as cream blush for cheeks)

  • Loose/press setting powder

  • Eyeshadow (2 colors minimum)

  • Liquid or pencil eyeliner

  • Eyebrow pencil


Applying Primer

  • Before putting on any foundation, make sure to apply one’s skin care products first, be it your toner or moisturiser or even sunblock.

  • A lot of people would actually skip the primer because they feel that it would not make any difference. If one is having a long day at work with back to back meetings in between, it is advisable and good to just put on a little primer to make the foundation last longer.

  • When choosing a primer, it is good to understand and know what would be the concerns that one would want to target and what would be the end result that one would want to achieve.

  • When applying make-up products on any kind on specific areas, use your fingers and even it in a downwards like motion.

 Alternatives to Primer

  • On cases where there is no primer with you, one can also use a setting powder to ensure that your makeup lasts through out the day.


Alternative tools to use when applying foundation

  • Foundation brush

  • Beautyblender


  • If one decides to use Beautyblender, always make sure to use it only when it is damp not when it is dry. This means soaking the Beautyblender under running water and squeezing it until it has moisture in it (But not dripping wet)

  • Many people would often make this mistake that whenever one is using a Beautyblender, they would usually use it dry and thereby soaks up all your foundation. When one applies it on the specific areas, they would not be able to see the difference at all.

  • When using either a sun block of liquid foundation, always make sure to give a good shake first before squeezing it out from the bottle. This is mainly to avoid getting two different textures from the bottle, a liquid as well as watery type of texture.

  • When one applies foundation using their hands, it is advisable to note that one should only use the top two areas of their fingers instead of the third area or their palms.        

 Applying foundation

Method and process

  • One can also try dotting in small specific areas around the face, this is to ensure that at the end of the day, the foundation is distributed evenly all around.

  • Use up to 4 or even 6 fingers to blend the dots all around the face in a downwards like motion.

  • Be as gentle as possible when it comes to areas around the eyes. Lightly pat around the eyes and not to tug or even pull too hard, as it may cause the skin to eventually sagged.

Applying concealer    


  • There are 2 types of concealers, one is cream, while the other is liquid.

  • A peach tone concealer from a 3 color palate will correct ones under eye circles.

  • A liquid based concealer with a single color tone will give a higher coverage than a normal foundation product. It will definitely work if one does not have two strong under eye circles.

 Method and process

  • Using one’s ring finger, lightly tap around the applied areas to blend it evenly.

  • If one is using a single color liquid concealer, one can go a step further by adding highlights onto the forehead and nose bridge. This will then give a dimension to one’s facial structure.

Lipstick for blush


  • The lipstick itself ideally must be matte and not glossy because if one were to use a glossy lipstick instead, it will eventually remove one’s foundation completely.

Method and process

  • Do not turn the lipstick all the way up, only reveal a little and apply it on your cheeks with single strokes.

  • Use your middle and ring finger to lightly even out and blend the outer areas, as to only keep the pigment color tones of the lipstick.


Eye shadow

  • For a more work appropriate look, it is recommended to have earthy color tones such as brown, maroon, grey, gold and rose gold.

Method & process

  • To apply eye shadow using only one’s fingers, start with the fingerprint area of the ring finger for the first color and the tip of the ring finger for the second color.

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