H.E.R Virtual Summit 2019

We hosted our 1st H.E.R Virtual Summit this year from 24 – 26th April!

The H.E.R Virtual Summit was a 3 Day Global Summit, with speakers & participants from all over the world.

The Summit was a free event.

As some of our regular readers already know, H.E.R yearly summits known as the H.E.R Asia Summit with varying topics and speakers/panellists from all around the world.

This year, our theme for the summit was “H.E.R – Harnessing the power of women in Entrepreneurship, Leadership, and Relationship”.

Our speakers were:

The Topics disscussed were:

  • Attracting Organic Followers Fast On Social Media – Tips, Strategies & Methodologies
  • The Power of The Crowd in Fundraising
  • SME Scaling Through CRM & Automation Mastery
  • Because Robots Are People Too
  • Having The Right Entrepreneurial Mindset To Build a Sustainable Business
  • Personal Branding to Boost Business Success Through LinkedIn
  • Self-care for Women Empowerment through Technological Advancement
  • Mastermind Tools & Strategies To Generate Innovative Ideas For Business Success
  • Balancing Work & Life As a Serial Entrepreneur
  • The Importance of Balance Between Family & Business
  • Panel: Transitioning from Career to Entrepreneurship
  • Panel: H.E.R – Harnessing The Power of Women in Entrepreneurship, Leadership, and Relationship

We look forward to seeing you at the H.E.R Virtual Summit next year on 2020!

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Our Network Members will be entitled to free entry at our events, as well as have time allocated for you to share about your company and services. Members who referred a friend would also be entitled to an affiliate fee for a successful transaction!

We have membership programs for Individuals, Start-Ups, and Corporates, and the membership will include a VIP pass for our upcoming H.E.R Asia Summit 2019 on 2nd & 3rd October.

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