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Last week, on 13 November 2018, H.E.R Entrepreneur collaborated with Mompreneur Asia for a networking event at Common Ground, Bukit Bintang, KL with 150 registrants, to discuss about two key topics – ‘Building Successful Next Generation Businesses’ and ‘Taking Your Home Grown Brand Global’ with our esteemed speakers from Malaysia.

The speakers from the first panel discussion – ‘Building Successful Next Generation Businesses’ consists of Renee (Founder of H.E.R. Entrepreneur) as the moderator, Natasha Sulaeman (Director of Operations & Developments of Auntie Anne’s), Niney Chong (Co-Founder of Mompreneur Asia & Chatbot Malaysia) and Sini Hassani-Muliage (Director of Wadi Sofia College). The second panel discussion – ‘Taking Your Home Grown Brand Global’ has Yan Lim (CEO of iOli Communications) as the moderator, Bella Luna (Founder and CEO of Muka & Co), Suraya Sharifuddin (Founder of Sakura Malaysia and Principal of Artful Brains), and Datin Azrene Admad (Founder of Three Little Ahmads).

During the panel discussions, they shared about their views on next generation business, the challenges they face with new technology, how your brand is known as a global brand or how they are heading towards that direction, and there was also a Q & A session with the floor.


One of the questions posed from the participants was from a mompreneur, which asked if the panelist’s generation before them told them if they will take over the business and is it a preconceived idea that one day they will run the business. Natasha (Director of Operations & Developments of Auntie Anne’s) answered that at 17, she was told that she could not take over Auntie Anne’s yet but her father told her to start her own business first. Hearing that from her father, she mentioned that her life was “crumpled away”. However, she later understood that her father was only wanting to teach his children that despite having a family business, they should also know how to do things on your own. Only in the recent years, after her dad got into an accident, her siblings and herself had to take over the business. With the knowledge that their parents had worked so hard for the business and having the family’s policy, mission and vision in mind – the siblings has now successfully grown the business even further.


Auntie Anne’s has also graciously provided some of their renowned and tasty pretzels as refreshments for the event.

The participants were able to meet fellow business owners and key decision makers and broaden their business network.

“I didn’t have the luxury to go to courses or training or anything that required money. The only thing I could afford is was time and I invested my time to attend networking events. That was how I got to know the right people and gain the right knowledge.” – Yan Lim, CEO, iOlli Communication

“What I found from these kind of platforms is that we’re all on the same platform. Often as a mom and as an entrepreneur, we often feel that we’re doing this alone with no friends and no family. The truth is, a lot of people are feeling the same. It is important for us to be there to support each other so that the next person that is going to fall into the pit will not fall too deep because they know there’s someone there to help them, to encourage and to support. “ Suraya Sharifuddin, Founder of Sakura Malaysia and Principal of Artful Brains


The H.E.R Network membership was launched for the Singapore market on-site to gather the network more regularly for workshops, LearnXNetworking sessions and the yearly summits from 2019.

The whole impetus for H.E.R Entrepreneur is to inspire, educate and empower women entrepreneurs and leaders. The platform attracts both male and female entrepreneurs as they encourage diversity and inclusion in its programs.

For inquiry on membership or any other queries, do contact us at sales@herentrepreneur.com.

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